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Anders Hebert April 10, 2024


I hope you are able to help me. I have tried to solve my question on the Atlassian Community site. But have only gotten half-ways. Add an additional issue type to an existing projec... (

My problem:
On a Jira-project (a Company Managed project) we are using a couple of Issue types (Epics and Tasks). 

I wish to add an additional issue type to this project, but I wish that this new issue type shall have a different issue layout (different fields). I also need the new issue type to be able to have sub-tasks. 

How I have tried to solve the problem so far:
I added new Issue type to the project called "HR-Change Request" (just a standard Issue type which I have added fields to), but I understand that the layout and fields of the new Issue type is associated to the same screen as the original Issue types - and therefore I cannot customize the new Issue type without updating the other issue types. 

I have tried to create a new screen called "HR: ChangeRequest", a new screen scheme and tried associating it with the project.... but I have been going around in circles for a couple of hours, I have been unable to figure out how to solve this without what seems associate all Issue types...  

For this Jira-project, the default Screen Scheme has been (and should be): "MO: Kanban Default Screen Scheme"

However, I think I have botched this up - and I don't know how to correct the mistake - and to get my desired result (which, just to recap is to in a current Jira-project has an additional issue type that can have another field configuration than the standard issue types in the same Jira-project)

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Anders Hebert April 11, 2024

@Harsh - thank you for your input. I feel as if I am quite close to solving this, but I still have the problem of not being able to differentiate the fields (layouts) in the different Issue Types. 

I guess there is still something I have done which (or not done!) - which is missing to let the Issue Type "HR Change Request" have a different layout/fields than the standard issue type Task. Perhaps you can see in the screenshots below, what I am missing? 

jira screen.png

jira screen 2.png


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April 10, 2024

Hi @Anders Hebert 

Based on the content I understand -

- that you have already created a new issue type 'HR-Change Request'. 
- you have created different screens/screen scheme for this issue type (with the desired changes)

and you are facing to have a separate the screen scheme with the existing one to that of 'HR-Change Request'. The reason is that each project uses Issue Type Screen Scheme (which is used by default) and you have to map the screen scheme for the new issue type to this issue type screen scheme.

To perform this please follow the steps. 

- Go to the issue type screen scheme (the one your project is using). For this go to issue -> Issue type Screen type scheme.

- Click configure (next to the name). You will be redirected to Configure Page.

- Now on top right corner -> Click - Associate an issue type with a screen scheme. Here you can choose the new issue type (HR-Change Request) and the screen scheme which you have already for this issue type.

- This will separate the screen for the existing and new issue type. 

For more details refer the link- Manage issue type screens | Atlassian Support 

If this answers helps you, kindly accept the answer.


Thank you

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