Tips and tricks to find issues faster with Atlassian Intelligence

It’s not always easy to construct the perfect Jira Query Language (JQL) to filter the issues you’re looking for. Today, we’ll walk through how you can use Atlassian Intelligence and natural language to easily find the issues you need, a few best practices you can use, and even a list of example prompts to get you started!


How can I use Atlassian Intelligence to find issues?

Atlassian Intelligence allows you to enquire just like you would ask a teammate questions. It translates your question into Jira Query Language (JQL) to find the issues you’re looking for. JQL is a powerful and flexible way to search for your issues in Jira. Through JQL, you can filter your search with the fields available in your project, such as priority, assignee and issue type, combine multiple criteria together, and look for important issues such as the ones that you’re watching or the ones that are blocked.

Check out the demo video that we made to learn how to search for issues using Atlassian Intelligence.



Quick tips

To get the best results, make sure you’re searching for fields and values that exist in your Jira project and include both the fields and values in your search query. You can also specify the Jira project you’re searching in to help narrow down your results.

Read about how you can make the best use of Atlassian Intelligence to search for issues.


Prompts to get you started

Here are a few prompts you could search for and the expected JQL queries to get back. Make sure to replace the project key, label and parent issue key based on values from your project.



  JQL Query

Find issues assigned to me due in March 2024

assignee = currentUser() and due >= "2024/03/01" and due < "2024/04/01"

Find issues in project <project key> created in the last 3 months that are not done yet

project = "<project key>" AND created >= startOfMonth("-3M") AND statusCategory != "Done"

Find open issues I’m watching ordered by priority

statusCategory != Done AND watcher = currentUser order by priority

Find issues that are missing an assignee

assignee IS EMPTY

Find my open issues ordered by earliest due date

assignee = currentUser() AND resolution is EMPTY order by due asc

Find the most recently updated stories

issueType = "story" order by updated desc

Find issues in project <project key> that are not done yet and blocking another issue

project = "<project key>" AND statusCategory != "Done" AND issueLinkType = "is blocked by"

Find epics labeled <label name>

issueType = "epic" and labels = "<label name>"

Find unresolved issues ordered by latest created date

resolution IS EMPTY order by created desc

Find high priority issues labeled <label name>

priority = "High" and labels = "<label name>"

Find issues belonging to parent <parent issue key> that are in the current sprint

parent = "<parent issue key>" AND sprint in openSprints()

Find highest priority issues that are being blocked by another issue

priority = highest and issueLinkType = "is blocked by"


Sounds awesome, how can I enable Atlassian Intelligence?

Atlassian Intelligence is available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Contact your admin to enable these features. How to enable Atlassian Intelligence in your organization.



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