Time management strategies & techniques to maintain a productive team

Time management can impact the success of any project, and allocating the proper time between different tasks will provide an efficient momentum within your team. In addition, refining your management time skills will make it easier for you to cope with various errands without overwhelming yourself with unnecessary stress. Developing new time management habits can expand your ability to be more productive and reach your goal faster. 

What are the most effective techniques to manage your time efficiently? And how can your team be more resourceful by using strategies that will accommodate their time management needs?  

Below is a list of methods to help you organize your schedule productively.

  1. Quality planning: Every team should brainstorm, prepare ahead, and establish a clear plan. Neglecting any significant detail can negatively impact your project's development, making it harder for your team to deliver results. Therefore, before execution, managers should set resources, standards, and relevant approaches to ensure quality during the process.

  2. Single-tasking: Focusing your attention on one task at a time will lower stress levels. You might think you're being efficient when you try to tackle several assignments simultaneously, but rather, you're causing lag time and more damage. Therefore, complete one issue and switch to the next one; this will boost productivity and allow you to enjoy your work. 

  3. Time management tools: Utilizing time tracking tools and planning your schedule will help you get things done. Customized reports and apps can improve your team's efficiency and eliminate procrastination while keeping everyone aligned with the objectives. In addition, implementing time management tools makes it simpler for managers to track their employees' performance, manage daily activities, and maintain consistency in the workflow. 

  4. Avoid unnecessary interruptions: To concentrate and fulfill a task that requires your attention for a certain period, you must avoid distractions and set boundaries. Of course, communicating with your team members is essential, but sometimes you must avoid unnecessary interactions through emails, phone calls, and text messages to finish your task. Instead, set yourself a time during the day when you check and reply to all your emails. Also, reduce time-consuming and ineffective meetings, then shift all the effort to your priorities.

  5. Delegate Tasks: Save time and complete work faster by delegating tasks to the right employees. Team leaders shouldn't do everything themselves because they often need to focus on high-priority assignments. Assigning the best-suited skilled employees to tackle a specific issue will moderate your workload and contribute resourcefully to the project's development.  

Time is a key element that will provide crucial benefits for any team during projects, and using it properly will create a solid foundation to gain value and achieve bigger goals. Therefore, always rely on your timing skills to expand your chances of success.


Sam Nadarajan
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Community Leader
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July 1, 2022
Yatish Madhav
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July 3, 2022

Thanks @Andreas Springer _Actonic_  - great points in time management.

I think another the I have often come to realise (or rather require, being a 'worker bee') is the need for clarity and objective-focused planning! Too often do too many cooks spoil the broth and make the task at hand seem more confusing or simply unclear than it is to effectively move through it, let alone progress through it ...


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