Something went wrong in Google Chrome

Some Atlassian account users may experience that they're unable to access their Profile page with Google Chrome.

Instead, they are directed towards an error page with a Something went wrong message.




How am I able to determine that this issue is local (DNS, browser, network, firewall, etc..)

There are several checks you can do to potentially identify the cause:

  1. Verify if you're the only user in your organisation with this problem
  2. Verify that your browser is up to date with the latest version
  3. Verify if this occurs when using another network (hotspot, wifi, etc...)
  4. Try using Incognito mode to view your Profile page and see if the result is different (certain extensions might cause undesirable results)
  5. If a new firewall or proxy was established, verify that our IPs are whitelisted (Atlassian Cloud IP ranges and domains)


The root cause of this error message is indeed local, what now?

To fix the problem, you will need to reset your Google Chrome profile as described Profile Reset for Google Chrome.

You can select to reset the following settings by pasting this link directly to your URL bar chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings:

  • Default search engine

  • Homepage

  • Content settings

  • Cookies and site data

  • Extensions, new tab page and themes


After resetting all of the Profile settings, you should no longer get the error page and be able to access your Atlassian account Profile.

This fix is also applicable for almost any browser-related issues you may be experiencing with any Atlassian products.

If the error still persists, please reach out to Atlassian support for further assistance.



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