Share reports and project updates with Jira dashboard Smart Links

Hello! I’m Laura Mehrkens, a Product Manager focused on integrations between Confluence and Jira. Today, we’re introducing Smart Links for Jira dashboards! With Smart Links, you can now embed Jira dashboards and gadgets directly into Confluence to easily keep your team up-to-date on your projects.

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Here’s how pairing Confluence with Jira supercharges your reporting workflows:

  1. Centralized Collaboration Hub: Picture this: all your project updates and insights housed in one convenient location. That's what Confluence brings to the table. By seamlessly embedding Jira dashboards and gadgets into Confluence, you create a centralized, single source of truth and collaboration hub for your team. Plus, all of your embedded dashboards remain interactive, so you can drill down into charts and graphs to understand data in more depth.

  2. Effortless Communication: It's time to say goodbye to constantly juggling multiple tools to share project progress with your team and stakeholders. With Confluence, you can present data from Jira in an easily digestible format, without requiring your stakeholders to dive into the technical details of Jira. Paired with Confluence’s communication tools like in-line commenting, mentions, and reactions, sharing feedback and questions has never been easier.

  3. Enhanced Productivity: Let's face it — time is of the essence in the world of project management. By harnessing the combined power of Jira and Confluence integrations, you streamline your reporting workflow, reduce tedious workarounds, and focus on what truly matters: delivering results. Think of Confluence as your sidekick, helping you work smarter, not harder.

How do I get started?

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  1. Pick your dashboard: Go to your Jira dashboard or create a new, custom dashboard. Choose the data you want to embed by clicking on the copy button at the top right of your dashboard or an individual gadget.

  2. Customize Your Pages: Navigate to your Confluence page and paste the link — it will automatically embed the dashboard or gadget. Then, tailor your page to suit your needs. Haven't explored Confluence yet? Now's the perfect time! Try it for free today.

  3. Share and Collaborate: Spread the word! Share your Confluence page with your team and stakeholders. Collaboration has never been easier—or more effective.

Try this new integration today and unlock new levels of productivity and collaboration. Your projects—and your team—will thank you for it.

Have questions or need assistance? We're here to help! Drop us a comment below.

Here's to better collaboration and bigger achievements ahead! 🚀



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