REST APIs and webhooks: deprecation of the Epic Link, Parent Link and other related fields

We’ve recently announced some changes to Jira REST APIs and webhooks involving issue parents. As a result, in Jira REST APIs and webhooks, the "Epic Link", "epic", and "Parent Link" fields, as well as some webhook events, have been deprecated and will be removed on 30 November 2022.

Please note that the scope of this change is Jira REST APIs and webhooks only.

The deprecation does not apply to these fields in Jira UI.

If you use the "Epic Link", "epic", or "Parent Link" fields in Jira Automation’s smart values or consume these fields in Jira webhooks or REST APIs, you may be affected.

Atlassian plans to migrate the affected smart values by 30 November 2022 so that Automation rules won’t break.

If there are any edge cases we're unable to migrate, we'll communicate this closer to the time.

To minimize disruptions to your work please review the full announcement at Developer Community Atlassian which includes a breakdown of the affected APIs and webhooks, and make the necessary changes prior to 30 November 2022.

To allow us to reply to all comments in a timely manner, and avoid duplicating questions, please reply to our post at Developer Community Atlassian with any questions/concerns you have.


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