On-boarding made easy!


Ever wonder what it would be like if you could make your administrative work a little bit easier? Like having a list of 100 new employees that need to be added into specific groups and you’ve been cracking your head for hours thinking - “How do I get these users into those groups”?

You worked yourself all through Saturday and Sunday, adding users one by one and missing that new movie that just came out on Netflix that everyone at the office is talking about and you are the only one left out! Does this sound just about right. I might have hit the nail a little too hard there, sorry about that but to be serious, why do you have to go through that?

I will give you one reason, you don’t have to do through such an ordeal, well never… Simply use an app that does all that by simply uploading your configured list of users and groups. The BulkOps app for Jira cloud has a feature called add users to groups and remove users from groups which you can use by uploading a simple CSV file with your dataset. Simply do an export of your users and groups from your instance https://your-instance.atlassian.net/admin, edit the file so you can have your format in the below structure.


With the above file structure, you can simply have the above users imported using the BulkOps app for Jira cloud and get those users into their rightful group. Also, if you want to do a clean-up of users from existing group membership, you can still use the same file format to remove the users from the associated group.


Keeping that work-life balance is always the key. At the end of the day, you should be relaxing and keeping calm. Take the right step towards making your administrative task an easy one.



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