Jira Scrum Projects: Cloud vs. Data Center

Welcome to JiraTrix, where we decode the Jira Matrix with weekly tips and tricks. In today's article, we'll compare Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center for Scrum Projects, with a focus on the backlog feature.


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My Jira journey took an interesting turn when I shifted from Jira Data Center to Jira Cloud a few years ago. Initially, I did not notice many changes.

But recently, revisiting Data Center for a client project was like a double shot of espresso – it really opened my eyes to how much Jira Cloud has improved. Let’s dive into these differences together.

To make sure we're comparing apples to apples, or should I say Jiras to Jiras, I've set up the same issues and backlog in both Jira Cloud and Data Center. This way, we can really see how each platform performs across various scenarios.


Renaming and updating Jira issues

Let's kick off with how we rename and update Jira issues from the backlog view.

In Jira Data Center, you've got to open each story to make changes. It gets a bit much when you have a lot to update.


But in Jira Cloud, it's a breeze – you can do all this right from the backlog. Handy, right?



Transitioning issues

In Data Center, it's a bit of a roundabout process to do it from the backlog view. We better do it through the active sprint's Kanban board.


But what about Jira Cloud? It's a piece of cake. You can change statuses on the fly, right from the backlog. It’s super smooth and it really saves lots of time - I love it.



Creating sub-tasks

You can do it from the issue tab in Data Center, but it's not the slickest.


Cloud makes it better with this icon for issues with sub-tasks… And as you can see, it’s also nicer (= inline) when you create new sub-tasks.


Epics & Versions Panels

Displaying or hiding issues based on Epics or Versions is pretty much the same in both distributions. Personally, I prefer how Data Center does it, with handy tabs on the side. In Cloud, it takes a few more clicks and the settings are duplicated in different sections.




Splitting Stories

A really cool thing in Cloud is splitting stories straight from the backlog and enter estimate for the remaining. On Data Center, this is also available in the latest versions.



Breadcrumb editing

Let's have a look at the inline breadcrumb editing in Cloud, which is super quick, especially for changing the issue types.



I believe organizations will increasingly feel the pressure to transition to Jira Cloud. Not because Jira Data Center is becoming obsolete, but rather due to the growing weight of user expectations.

Users are continually seeking efficiency, innovation, and ease of use – aspects where Jira Cloud excels. And in the end, our ultimate goal is just to empower teams with the best tools to deliver their projects!


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John Dunkelberg December 8, 2023

We'll be looking at the gaps/opportunities of a migration to cloud (or other competitor), so this was useful. Thank you!

It sounds like there isn't that much separating the two in terms of user experience if this was it, though the Backlog in-line editing is nice.  And Split in the Backlog has been on Datacenter for quite some time now, more than a year or so perhaps, hasn't it?

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Hana Kučerová
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
December 10, 2023

Thank you for sharing this.

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David Berclaz
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
December 14, 2023

Hi @John Dunkelberg

Thanks for your feedback!

Indeed, Story Splitting seems to be in Jira DC since 2017!! -> JIRASERVER-14360
I thought it was much more recent than this... Thanks for pointing it out!




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