Jira Image of the Day: Parts of an Issue


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Application Type

Jira Work Management, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Core

Deployment Type

Jira Cloud, Jira Server, Jira Data Center

What is shown?

An issue in a Jira Software project in Jira Cloud

What can we learn?

An issue is an individual item in Jira. Each time you create an item, you’re creating a new issue with a unique key to identify it. Each issue has a unique ID. The ID in this example is OD-5. You can see it in the breadcrumbs at the top left (pictured) or in your browser’s address bar (not pictured).

Under the issue ID is the summary. The summary is a short title describing the issue. This field is required for every Jira issue. Directly under the ID and summary is the issue’s toolbar. Use these buttons to edit issue details, attach files, create sub-tasks, link other issues, and more. Other standard and Jira custom fields appear below and on the right sidebar.

In Cloud, the issue’s status is on the right, as shown in the first screenshot. When an issue is resolved, the resolution shows to the right of the status (not pictured.)


The second screenshot shows the location of the status and resolution in Server and Data Center.

As you can see there are slight feature, terminology, and user interface differences between the Cloud, Server, and Data Center deployment types.

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