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Jira Cloud for Mac. It’s here, and it’s pretty epic.

Update: Support has ended for the Jira Cloud for Mac app. We are focusing all energy on building outstanding performance across the most powerful versions of Jira Cloud. Learn more!


By epic, we mean lightning-fast and fully focused. (What does that mean? See below.)

Four years ago, you shook hands with Jira Cloud for iPhone. It showcased traffic-stopping speed and simplicity. Now, give a fist bump to Jira Cloud for Mac. It integrates seamlessly with your Mac desktop and laptop, and delivers a whole new world of acceleration.

Jira Cloud board@2x.png

What is it?

Jira Cloud for Mac is a balance between Jira Cloud for iOS and Jira Cloud for web, utilising the power and functionality of Mac. We wanted the app to feel new, but familiar; native macOS features are woven into the experience, letting you use your favourite shortcuts to fly through your work and smash goals faster.

How is it faster than Jira Cloud for web?

  • In the app, data is continuously cached and rendered while changes are fetched from the network, meaning updates are delivered in real-time.
  • The UI is only updated with the differences, rather than undergoing a total reload as per the web version.
  • Because the app is native, it doesn’t need to download and interpret vast quantities of javascript to give the modern, app-like experience that the web version delivers.
  • Real-time push notifications (rather than emails) keep you updated.

How is it more focused?

  • Notifications: The app’s real-time push notifications aren’t just faster than emails – they also let you stay focused by taking you straight to where you need to be without having to exit the app. (And without risk of falling into the dark void of your email inbox.)
  • Sidebar: The app’s always-visible sidebar displays your most recent projects and filters, so you don’t waste precious moments hunting for the important stuff (and lose your focus in the process).
  • Navigation: We’ve created tabs within each project using the app’s left-to-right hierarchy, letting you flick between board, backlog and roadmap with a single click or keyboard shortcut.
  • Dark Mode: Feel more focused after sunset? No problem.

Jira Cloud Dark Mode@2x.png



So the "Get" is greyed out for me.

ahhhh.... now i see that i need Catalina. :-)

Please make this available for the users of Jira Server

Wow!! This is really a great news. Downloading the app right now :-)

Will this be available for JIRA Server rather that just cloud?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Oct 08, 2019

@amillard , just curious here...why will it "not work"? Have you downloaded and are seeing issues or are you saying you can't use w/in your company for some reason? If the former definitely share your feedback with Atlassian as Hannah conveys.

@Jack Brickey 

Sorry Jack, poorly worded question at best. I have updated the comment to hopefully it makes more sense now.


Jack Brickey Community Leader Oct 08, 2019

@amillard , ah ok. that is a different issue for sure. :-)

I'm updating to Catilina now to give this a try. I am hopeful that it will provide an awesome experience but do expect it will take some time to get there so will be patient. ;-)

I've been using the app for a couple of days now, and have found it a lot easier managing issues (especially with Jira Service Desk), especially the notifications as they really are much faster than reloading or receiving an email! Awesome work by the macOS team at Atlassian - was so excited to watch an Atlassian on stage at WWDC!

I've experienced 2 issues though, which has been fed back to the team, but wanted to share here:

1. Dark Mode: Some of the issue descriptions & updates have black text. This seems to happen with the email integration specifically for me, Jira Service Desk. A user emails the IT address, JSD imports the email but the text is black. I had the same issue with iOS which has been fixed. Been advised the team are aware and I've also had a PM reach out to me.

2. Copy/paste: I've been experiencing issues trying to copy some text from description field and update/comments field and then pasting to another app outside (i.e. Mail, Safari etc). Copy and pasting directly in the Jira app works but anything outside isn't. Provided feedback, but sharing here in case anyone else is experiencing issues.

Hello - is support for swimlanes on Kanban boards coming to this? That is a major feature to be missing...

@Steven Bowman Thanks for your question Steven. Good news - swimlanes (for both kanban and scrum boards) are in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Thanks for the great feedback @Nick Coates . We're busy ironing out the kinks (including Dark Mode and the copy/paste issue), and we value feedback from awesome people like yourself. Happy to hear you're enjoying the app. Keep up the great work!

Hello, are you going to port also Jira Server app from iPad to mac? If yes, do you have some approximate date?

@amillard @Aleš Jiránek @rich Thanks for your interest. At present, there aren't any plans to develop a server version of the app.

Hi Hannah, that's very disappointing, server being treated like the second rate again :(

Jack Brickey Community Leader Oct 17, 2019

Before I share things I would like to see changed, let me say that I'm really loving the app from a user perspective. That said 75% of my efforts in Jira are from an admin perspective which the client app doesn't offer so while my Mac users may use this exclusively I will unlikely switch back and forth but time will tell. If admin capabilities are added then YAY!

  • it is FAST and I love that. paging thru issues is smooth
  • it is intuitive for the most part so the learning curve will be small for most folks
  • it would be great if there was a "feedback" link in the app so we could place feedback there instead of here.
  • Mark all as read - IMO having this under the "Edit" link is less intuitive (took me a moment to find) than right-clicking on "Notifications" in the side bar
  • Add Sprint - requires a name but this isn't the case in the browser client. Generally I simply allow the app to name it for me. Not a big deal but would be good if it would present the next sprint name, e.g. "Sprint 30" and allow me to click add or change it.
  • No JQL search, please tell me I'm missing it. Ideally I could enter JQL right into the search bar at the top this would be a huge feature IMO. Sure I can select from the dropdown but most power users skip right past that in favor of JQL even for the most basic queries. The same goes for the search on the browser app. It is so nice to be able to search right in the sidebar but it falls short of being amazing.
  • boards, i prefer the avatar solution over the drop down assignee but not a huge deal
  • New Project - the list of available templates seems restricted. Is this only for NG templates?
  • Lack's Dashboard support

that's it for now...back to work. :-)

@Jack Brickey Thanks for the excellent feedback! We're really glad to hear you're enjoying the app so far. In answer to some of your comments:

  • You can give feedback in-app by clicking on your account > Give feedback.
  • Dashboards are on our radar. If you're interested, we'd love to have a chat about your dashboard usage and requirements. Sign up here:
  • JQL search capability isn't available, but we'll continue taking everyone's feedback on board.
  • Basic project settings for next-gen are available, but advanced admin capability (like instance and user management) is not currently in the pipeline. 
  • Templates - you are correct, only next-gen projects can be created in the app. Classic projects can be created via the browser and accessed in the app, though.

Thanks again. Keep kicking those goals! (Or, rather, keep transitioning those issues and/or completing those sprints!)

Great dark theme -- EXCEPT when editing a description.  A HUGE bright white modal slides painfully up the screen. Really?

Dark themes don't really work until all of it works - otherwise, it's painful when these windows appear.

@Dan Thanks for getting in touch, Dan. We're working hard to iron out the kinks in the app, including that one. We appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

Hi, is this app currently supports a self-managed/hosted version if yes, how can access it?


This app works only with Jira Cloud.

It would be awesome if I could pin and unpin filters on the sidebar, right now I can't figure out how to remove filters that I recently looked at from the sidebar and it gives a feeling of having a tab open that you can't close. Also if there was a toggle to make it so that pressing 'enter' doesn't send your message but instead drops you down a line that would be awesome, zulip implements that feature and it helps prevent accidentally sending a message by fat fingering. Also I find it kind of strange that keyboard shortcuts are different than what they are on the web interface but I'm sure there is a reason for it. Anyways, thanks for listening to all our feedback!

@Rehydn Montes Thanks for the feedback, Rehydn.

  • Recently-viewed items in the sidebar will continually update to show the 5 most recent filters/projects. We'll take your feedback on-board re: the option to remove items.
  • When commenting on issues, if you hold Shift+Enter, you'll drop to a new line rather than post the message.
  • The keyboard shortcuts reflect the most commonly-used ones. We'll continue to take on-board feedback regarding this too.

There's like, zero documentation.

How do I open a link to an issue? Like if I copy a link to a Jira issue from my email or slack message, how can I paste this link into the Jira Cloud for Mac app???


This isn't helpful:

Screenshot 2019-11-25 at 10.46.08.png

As of today, I cannot edit a description properly through the mac app:

  • Nothing happens when I hit enter to start a new line
  • I cannot move the cursor using the keyboard arrow
  • The cmd + left/right arrow shortcuts don't work

Hi @Adrian Gibas, thanks for letting us know about the error with the Help link! We're working to fix that now.

We do currently have some light online documentation (it's still under construction).

Are you opening an issue via Chrome or Safari? If you click on an email or Slack issue link, you should get a banner in Safari asking whether you want to open the issue in the app directly. (Unfortunately, Chrome doesn't currently support the system integration.)

Thanks again. Keep up the great work.


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