JQL Query WorklogDate (Operators) decide the value of time.

Hey Atlassian Community & Team, 

Just wanted to mention that the operators like > or < are the deciding factor for the time value consideration in jql query.

Eg:- worklogDate >= "2021/07/13"

This will consider the time value as - "2021/07/13 00:00"

2. worklogDate <= "2021/07/13"

This will consider the time value as - "2021/07/13 23:59"

This is what I have identified. 
if someone is writing queries like below to get the details for the ones who have worked on the issues the team has worked on yesterday with the help of their worklog. 

worklogDate >= startOfDay(-1) AND worklogDate < startOfDay()





Viral Doshi July 15, 2021

I think, I've made my findings clear. 

Wasn't sure where I can post this. So that everyone can benefit from this. Hence posted as a question. 

Jack Brickey
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July 15, 2021

Thanks for sharing @Viral Doshi .  I thought I would add another useful JQL reference here…


in that article you will find a great deal of information about advance searching.

Dietrich Lehr March 30, 2022

what does the worklogDate field actually look for? Is this updated any time a card is touched in anyway? Like commented, description changed, status changed, opened, etc?

zacharoula_brinia June 15, 2023


How can I make the query JQL to show worklogdate = yesterday or last working day somehow? I would like to see the submitted worklogs fpr the previous dates in result.


Thank you in advance!


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