How to enlarge processing time to simulate timeout in application integration

Why do this

Some timeout parameters are set between the integration of Atlassian applications. If the timeout is not working properly as expected due to bugs, there is a need to reproduce a timeout. However, the process is usually very quick, like below 5 seconds, after you clicked a button from browser. How to reproduce a 60 seconds timeout?

How to do

Basically, it use the options of kill command, as below steps.

  • For example, a customer reported the timeout between Jira and Fisheye is not working properly, as the case in JSWSERVER-13296-DevStatus timeouts not taking affect 

  • You need to verify if the customer report is true, and want to do a timeout reproduce in your environment.

  • ssh to Fisheye server, and find the the process ID of Fisheye.  

     ps aux |grep fisheye
  • Open Jira , and navigate to the page or do the operation to let Jira send request to from Fisheye .
  • You must suspend Fisheye process as quickly as possible since the process may finish in 5 seconds. The command is like below .

    kill -TSTP [pid]
  • After the time span of timeout , check if timeout happened in Jira log.

  • When you finished your timeout reproducing, the below command can be used to resume the suspended process of Fisheye.

    kill -CONT [pid]
  • More information here about the kill command:  How to suspend and resume processes 



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