General availability for 35,000 is here!

Hello, Atlassian Community Members! 

We’re excited to announce general availability for 35,000 users on a single instance of Jira Software and Confluence Cloud. Along with this increase, we scaled our identity user base from 70,000 users to 150,000.

Ensuring that scale and speed go hand-in-hand

35,000 users on a single instance without reliable performance gets you nowhere. That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is by working with our largest customers as they’re assessing a Cloud migration or participating in our EAPs to ensure that performance and scale go hand-in-hand.

We do this by conducting L1 and L2 assessments for customers who are between 10,000 - 35,000. During an L1 assessment, we run a series of queries against your data to determine how your overall data shape performs in comparison to other organizations in Cloud that have similar data shapes. This information gives us a sense of what your overall performance and experience would be in Cloud. Depending on the complexity of your data shape, we will then run an L2 assessment, which we use to look at how your specific data shape will perform - providing us with a more detailed picture of your performance in Cloud.

This approach allows us to assess the unique patterns and usage of our enterprise customers so that we’re not just meeting your performance expectations today but prioritizing future improvements that go above and beyond your needs as you continue to scale your business. Moreover, these crucial learnings are applied broadly to our products and platform so that all customers can benefit.

Meeting enterprise needs at scale

Centralizing more of your teams on Atlassian products makes it easier to drive collaboration and deliver on your objectives. At the same time, you still need to meet your business requirements and be able to adapt to whatever comes next, which becomes more complex at scale. On top of ensuring that your teams have the most performant experience, we’ve also been hyper-focused on enabling you to meet your unique use cases in Cloud.

At Team 22, we presented the Atlassian Cloud platform - a unified cloud technology platform on which our products, apps, and integrations are built. Designed to support the needs of teams at scale, the platform provides shared experiences for both admins and teams, including Analytics, automation, and collaboration, so that your organization can move work forward.

Underpinned by the infrastructure and data layers, which is where we build security, reliability, privacy, and compliance directly into our platform and products. Our approach has enabled us to continue to unlock compliance certifications, such as HIPAA and BaFin, and expand the number of regions where your Cloud data can be hosted through data residency.

It’s also enabled us to deliver even more control and oversight to help you meet your unique business needs, such as mobile device management (MDM) and mobile access management (MAM) or multiple authentication policies through Atlassian Access. And we have even more enterprise-grade capabilities on the horizon. Support for multiple identity providers will enable you to use user provisioning and directory sync to sync users and groups from multiple identity providers into the same organization, and apply SSO configurations for multiple identity providers. Insights will give you visibility into your license usage.

Onward and upwards

While 35,000 is another critical milestone towards us meeting all of our customer's scale needs in Cloud, we’ve already started on the next one. We’re currently targeting 50,000 general availability for Jira Software and Confluence in Q1 of 2023. As we work towards this, we’re running an Early Access Program and encourage you to contact our sales team if you would be interested in participating.

To keep up to date on 50,000 or any of our upcoming features, you can check out the Cloud Roadmap.



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