Create/Update Parent-Child linking using CSV Import

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In the recent 'Atlassian Cloud changes from March 11 to March 18, 2024', they have mentioned replacing the existing Epic link and Parent link fields in company-managed projects with the Parent field (Find the Details)

Additional columns are now required in the CSV import process when linking the existing issues or creating new ones.

Here's a breakdown of what's needed:

  1. Issue ID: This is a reference number solely designated within the CSV for identification purposes.
  2. Parent: This column specifies the parent issue corresponding to the Issue ID value.

Ensure that your CSV includes the following essential details for both Epics and Child Issues:

  • Issue Key
  • Issue Type
  • Summary

To illustrate, consider the following examples:

Please find my examples csv below:

ABC-1 Epic This is an Epic 1  
ABC-2 Story I am a Child - Story   1
ABC-3 Task I am a Child - Task   1

This should result in ABC-2 & ABC-3 being put inside Epic ABC-1

If these issues are not exist, this import will create the data like the above CSV.

CSV Field JIRA field
Summary → Summary
issue id → issue id
issue key → issue key
issue type → issue type
parent → parent

Imdad KP


Patrick Cartier 1 March 25, 2024

Hi @Imdad KP ,

WIth the new changes to CSV import, can this now be done in one shot? As in, using one CSV file?

Previously, you'd need to upload the parents first, then the children, then the grandchildren (subtasks if any).


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Sari Kachorovsky March 26, 2024

Hi @Imdad KP Thank you for writing this article. Can you please add to your csv example also the headers and specify what is the issue id and issue key (cause the issue was not created yet, so what is the issue key?)

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Imdad KP March 28, 2024

Hi @Sari Kachorovsky

issue key, issue type, summary, issue id, parent
ABC-123, Epic, I am an Epic, 1
ABC-256, Story, I am a story, , 1
ABC-894, Bug, I am a bug, , 1
Imdad KP March 28, 2024

Hi @pat

You can have all in one CSV.

I have tested adding multiple issue types and Epics using one CSV. That too without any order it worked.

You can test it as per below.

Epic n Story.PNG

It will automatically create issue keys and linking.

Imdad KP

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Rick Nahrstadt March 31, 2024

Ok, I see that depending on what type of Project you have make a difference.  Either way it is broken.   I set up a Team Project and a Company Project and feed them both the same file.   The company project  associates the Stories to the Epic; however the sub-tasks are not related to the stories.

Over in the team project it is the stories that ARE NOT associated to the Epic, but the sub-tasks do get associated to the story.   


Issue Type,Issue ID,Parent,Summary,Description
Epic,1,,User Engagement Platform,"This epic covers all features related to user engagement, including account creation, profile management, member connections, posting updates, engaging with posts, and notifications."
Story,2,1,User Registration,Allow visitors to create new accounts and access member-only features
Subtask,3,2,Design registration form UI,"Design the user interface for the registration form, including input fields, layout, and branding."
Subtask,4,2,Implement registration backend logic,"Develop the server-side logic to handle user registration, including data validation, email verification, and account creation."
Subtask,5,2,Create automated welcome email for new registrations,Set up an automated email system to send a welcome email to new users upon successful registration.
Story,6,1,User Profile Management,Enable members to update their profile information and preferences
Subtask,7,6,Design profile management UI,"Design the user interface for managing user profiles, including sections for personal information, interests, and preferences."
Subtask,8,6,Implement profile update functionality,"Develop the functionality to allow users to update their profile details, including personal information, interests, and preferences."
Subtask,9,6,Integrate profile picture upload feature,Implement the ability for users to upload and change their profile picture.

Company Project.pngTeam Project.png

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I'm New Here
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April 6, 2024

Update - I know have this working in a Company Project.   In the company project Story to Epic was working, but I could not get the Sub-tasks to link to the story.  You need to map in both your spreadsheet and Jira to the hypenated Sub-task NOT use Subtask.   That did the trick for me.  Best of luck.  BTW....resource at CPrime helped me.

Ragupathy R April 18, 2024

@Imdad KP  how this parent linkage will work incase an existing issue needs (Example : CVV - 123) to be updated with parent field and the parent (Example : BFF - 123) is from other project ?

Imdad KP June 13, 2024

HI @Ragupathy R

I have not tried that.


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