Building a Thriving Atlassian Consulting Business: Part 9

Set Your Ideal Schedule

Remember I previously told you about my worst software decision? Here’s my best and it helped me with work-life balance. I took my own advice and I outsourced meeting scheduling.


Using a service where clients schedule their own meetings changed my life in two ways. First, there are no more back and forth “Are you free?” conversations.  I simply send customers my booking link and they choose a time both of us are available. There are no more surprise meetings or double bookings.

Second, this allows me to set a specific amount of availability and reserve hours for focused work or down time. For example, I don’t take meetings before 10:00 AM.

This allows me to eat, meditate, prepare for my day, and accomplish something before meetings and email take over. Also, I don’t take meetings on Fridays. I use Fridays as catch-up days or if I’m on track, I take the day off.

Outsourcing meeting scheduling was truly a great decision and I highly recommend it.


I’ve compiled a list of the tools and services I love and use to support my consulting business. There are recommendations for scheduling meetings, invoicing clients, thanking partners, hosting your website, and managing business travel.

Consulting Tools and Services Worksheet


Download this worksheet and other materials at:

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