Building a Thriving Atlassian Consulting Business: Part 4

What Do You Need?

Now that you know what skills you have, figure out what skills you need. For example, my background was Jira Server, so when Cloud came around, I had to learn how to be comfortable in that environment too.

Next, determine your financial needs. Are you simply trying to add a little more to your monthly salary, attempting to replace your monthly strategy, or trying to get rich? Write down a realistic goal and a big goal. It’s important to know that revenue each month will be different, so you need to plan for that know whether you’re meeting your needs or not.

Next, determine your overall business goals. What things need to happen for you to consider yourself a successful consultant? For me, I want to enjoy what I’m doing, create things that don’t exist, and be recognized for my efforts. Figure out what your primary motivations are.

Next, under what circumstances would you stop consulting? Think of some good reasons, like Atlassian wants to buy my app, or some bad reasons, like you don’t enjoy working for yourself as much as you thought you would.

Finally, before you start, think of what you would do if this doesn’t work out. I’m not much of a risk taker so I always like to have a plan B and a plan C ready to go.


I’ve created some materials and worksheets to help new consultants take the first steps and existing consultants increase their professionalism. The first worksheet helps uncover your strengths and determine completive advantages.

Consulting Strengths and Weaknesses Worksheet


Download this worksheet and other materials at:

Part 5: Many Ways to Consult



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