Announcing support for app issue fields in next-gen projects

G'day Atlassian community, 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce support for app issue fields (aka app custom fields) for next-gen projects. Thus far, apps that relied on creating and working with issue fields for their normal functioning could not work with next-gen projects because Jira did not provide them the ability to create issue fields. However, following this launch, this is no longer the case! This means that apps such as Tempo Timesheets, EasyAgile Personas for Jira, and many others can now operate on next-gen projects.

But that's not all. We’ve built an intuitive new visual interface so that Jira administrators and project administrators can decide if they need an app for their project and toggle that app on or off. There's more to this, let's expound on it. 

Easy-to-use project admin experience

Jira and next-gen project admins can control which app issue fields appear for their projects by navigating to Project Settings > Apps > App Fields. Here, Jira will show those apps that deal with issue fields. More specifically, apps that make use of the Issue Field Connect module in their app descriptor to specify issue fields for the app will show up on this page.

Next Gen App Enable_Disable.png

In the example above, although there are more apps installed on the instance, only six of them, specify issue fields using the Issue Field Connect module. Hence, those are the six apps that can be toggled on or off. Toggling on an app enables usage of its fields and the app to be able to work on a next-gen project. Toggling off an app will cause its fields to not show in the project and the app won't be able to perform actions connected with issue fields in that project. Apps start in the off state, which means a particular app's fields are not available for usage right away. Admins must toggle on the app by navigating to Project Settings > Apps > App Fields.  So if you want to utilize an app in your project, you would want to toggle the app on. Doing so will do the following:

Issue fields specified by the app will show up in the issue configuration screen, also known as the SWIFT or Issue Types screen (see here to read more about SWIFT). You get to this screen by navigating to Project Settings > Issue types. Here, Jira admins can associate issue fields to issue types via a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. Upon association, the issue fields are available for use in the corresponding issue types. For instance, they will appear when creating, viewing, and editing issues of the issue types to which they have been associated.



SWIFT or Issue Types screen

Jira admins and project admins can also navigate to Project Settings > Apps > App Fields from the same SWIFT or Issue Types screen that was mentioned above. On this screen, Jira will show apps, if any, that are installed on the instance and are concerned with issue fields, however, they are not toggled on for the project. Admins can then, navigate to Project Settings > Apps > App Fields and toggle on the app, thus paving the way for the app to operate on the next-gen project and the app's issue fields to be usable in that project.

SWIFT Screen.png

We are excited to announce this and think it'll make next-gen projects even more useful by paving the way for certain class of apps - those that need issue fields for their working - to be able to operate on next-gen projects. We hope you’ll like these changes and look forward to hearing from you. We already announced support for this to our vendor and developer partners a little earlier; we had released to certain vendors who are part of our Jira Cloud First Vendor Release program Since then, Tempo has already announced support. Together with this announcement, we just announced the availability of this feature to all vendors and developers. We look forward to any feedback or comments that you may have. 




John Wilson July 14, 2020

Thanks for this info, Abhinaya. It should be very helpful for next-gen projects.

This would also be very useful for classic projects. For example, we have Tempo installed on our Cloud instance, so Tempo shows up in all classic projects. Only a portion of our projects, probably less than half, will ever use Tempo, so it would be really nice to be able to not show Tempo or the Tempo fields on those that won't use it. Would you please take this to your developers?

Thanks again, 

John Wilson

Taranjeet Singh
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 28, 2020

@Abhinaya Sinha Thanks for sharing this news! This support for app fields will be very helpful for next-gen projects, for which the users want the ability to use these particular Marketplace apps.

Lelis Murakami July 31, 2020

It came right on time. Thanks.


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