Administrator Responsibilities: Part 10

Global Permissions - Confluence


Global permissions page in Confluence Cloud

Confluence Cloud, Server, and Data Center have the following global permissions.

  • In Cloud there are organization level, site level, application level, and space level administrators.

  • Server and Data Center have system level, application level, and space level administrators.

While the naming between deployment types differs slightly, the capabilities are the same.


Note: By default, in Server and Data Center, the abilities of the application administrator and system administrator are combined. While it’s possible to have two separate access levels, and divide the responsibilities, many companies choose to leave them combined.


Confluence Cloud Name

Confluence Server and Data Center Name


Personal Space

Personal Space


Create Space

Create Space(s)



Confluence Administrator



System Administrator


Use Confluence

Use Confluence


View User Profile

View User Profile

Permission Details

  1. The Personal Space permission allows users to create a space for their profile.

  2. The Create Space permission grants the ability to create global (shared) spaces. This permission is often limited to admins or users in charge of setting and maintaining the information storage strategy.

  3. The Confluence Administrator permission grants capabilities at the application admin level.

  4. The System Administrator permission grants capabilities at the system admin level. This includes complete control of all settings and functions.

  5. Use the Use Confluence permission to grant application access to anonymous users, JSM customers (Cloud), and apps (Cloud).

  6. Use the View User Profile permission to allow anonymous users, JSM customers (Cloud), and apps (Cloud) to see user profiles.

Who’s allowed to do what in your application? What are your Global Permission settings? Are there any adjustments you should make?


Do you have other examples of admin best practices, duties, or responsibilities?

Share them in the comments section below.

Good luck with your Jira journey and your Confluence quest!

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