Accelerate your app building journey with Atlassian Connect Example app

The Atlassian Marketplace is a platform where developers can promote their apps that integrate with Atlassian products such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, and more.

Whether you're a third-party provider looking to enhance your product offerings by integrating with Atlassian products or an entrepreneur building a business around supporting Atlassian customers, the Marketplace is a great ecosystem for you.

However, we know building an app can be complicated and costly. That's where the Atlassian Connect Example app comes in. It's designed to make the process easier by simplifying technical concepts and components.


Your go-to resource for building apps

The Atlassian Connect Example app is an incredible resource for anyone embarking on an app-building journey with Atlassian. It provides guides, references, and functional code examples that showcase the usage of the Atlassian Connect app framework. This will enable you to:

  1. Assess how easy it is to bootstrap a Connect app before investing your resources into building it.

  2. Learn essential topics and concepts to get your development journey started.

  3. Accelerate your development journey with references and shortcuts.


Learning the essential Connect app topics by doing

At Atlassian, we strongly believe in "learning by doing." With our Atlassian Connect Example app, you can easily install the app into your Jira instance and observe how the code changes interact with the Jira user interface in just a few simple steps.

The sample app codebase and user interface clearly demonstrate the essential functionalities required to build an app, such as:

  • Handling app lifecycle events

  • Integrating with webhooks

  • Authenticating with JWT tokens

  • Making Jira API requests


Check it out on GitHub


We value your feedback: let's make this better together!

The Atlassian Connect Example app is just the beginning of our journey to help you learn more about the Atlassian Connect framework and start building amazing apps with speed and ease.

This example app currently covers only essential topics and generic use cases. We recognize the need for more use case-specific examples and guides to further accelerate your app-building journey.

Therefore, we invite you to check it out on GitHub, start building apps that can revolutionize how your customers use Jira, and leave your feedback to help us improve!

More information on the Atlassian Connect documentation can be found on our website.



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