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6 integrations every Jira Software Cloud team NEEDS to know

According to a recent survey we conducted, software & IT teams on average use 4+ tools to move code from development to customer-facing production. As a result, teams struggle with keeping the status of work updated and understanding the overall health of the delivery pipeline.

To solve this problem, we are excited to announce new integrations that bring up-to-date information from your favorite build and deployment tools into Jira Software Cloud. You can now use Jira Software to automatically update and track issues through your complete development pipeline, from backlog to release.


In addition to Bitbucket Pipelines, Jira Software now supports Jenkins, AWS CodePipelines, CircleCI, Microsoft Azure and Octopus Deploy. 

These new integrations allow you to automatically pull in up-to-date build and deployment information on relevant Jira issues and expose key information about your pipeline across Jira issues, boards, JQL and via our newly published APIs.


Better collaboration between teams

image 1.png

Up-to-date information about your delivery pipeline is shown on the Jira issue. Need additional information? Use deep links to go from Jira Software directly to the right page in your dev tool.

This new information view is so powerful because historically it was dispersed across multiple tools only accessible to a few members of your team. Now anyone involved in the software delivery process can self-serve this information. For example, product managers, QA, and support teams can view which features have been deployed to customers and which are still waiting in staging environments.

With better information sharing between tools in your delivery stack, you can also improve cross-collaboration between teams. Teams such as QA and operations can collaborate in the software teams next sprint. For example, you can use build information in Jira Software to create a workflow between QA and developers and create a rapid feedback loop for testing at any point in your development process. For even closer collaboration, create test cases in Confluence and link them to your Jira issues.


Powerful views for advanced users


Build powerful views into your development pipeline with support for JQL.

In addition to building better ways to collaborate, these integrations also give your team deeper insight into the development pipeline from within Jira Software. You can now create powerful views into your delivery pipeline with JQL queries across multiple connected tools. For example, you can write a custom JQL query to report all Jira issues that have been deployed to production but still have an open PR.

1 deploymentEnvironmentType ~ “production“ AND development[pullrequests].open

Visualize results on your dashboard, using custom filters (currently available in classic projects) or on advanced searches. One important callout here, the queries you see pull information from multiple connected tools, which is where the new power in JQL is stemming from.


We hope these improvements will give your team deeper insights into their development pipeline and save time spent on manual updates or context switching across tools.


Get Started

If you are using Bitbucket Pipelines:

If you are using Jenkins, CircleCI, Microsoft Azure or Octopus Deploy:

If you are using AWS CodePipelines:

Looking to build a custom integration and publish it on the Atlassian marketplace?


Will you updated this page with the Azure integrations are available?! - Thanks

Yes we will! 😀

Hi Joshua,

I am a product manager with Azure Pipelines working on the integration with Jira.

If you could drop a note to shashban <at> microsoft <dot> com, I'll keep you updated on the integration.



Hi, will these eventually be available for Jira Server?

Hi @Julien Brassard - you can find the developer tool integrations for Jira Software Server here:

You will see that Jira Software Server integrates with Bitbucket, Github, Bamboo and Fisheye/Crucible in a very similar way to Jira Software Cloud.

To directly answer your question, the APIs between Cloud and Server are quite different and as a result, we don't have any short-term plans to port over the above-mentioned integrations. If you have a need for a specific integration, I would suggest raising a feature request here:

Hope that helps.



how about jenkins pipeline integration?

And how about Gitlab?

Hi @Dominik Bartholdi - I am happy to report that we are working on Jenkins integration. I can't share the exact launch date but it should be available in the coming months. 

That being said, if you have suggestions on how the integration should work, we would love to hear from you. DM me with your contact info and we can set up a quick call. 

Hi @Robbert van der Lee - Great suggestion. It would be great to have  GitLab build an integration to our APIs. 

I would suggest you log a feature request with GL here:

Deleted user May 13, 2019

Hello, what is the status of integration with Azure Pipelines ? Will it be available soon? Thank you.

@Philipp Suchan would love to get involved - DM on twitter? following you on tweeter

Hi @[deleted] - the Azure Pipelines integration should be available in the next week or so. You can email shashban <at> microsoft <dot> com (Product manager on the integration) for a more precise estimate. 

I will update this post once its live and notify you.


Hi @[deleted] @Joshua Harris - 


happy to let you know the Azure integration is now live on the marketplace:

apologies for the delay in getting it live. Please do let us know if you have any feedback.



Thanks @Philipp Suchan - we already got it installed, but can't get it to work. We have the connection into our Azure DevOps organization and tagged the commit "DEV-1234" but don't see the deep links in the commit NOR the "Development" data in the JIRA ticket. 

We have Shashban's contact info and waiting to troubleshoot with him, but if anyone else has any other tips we are all ears! 

So excited about this plug-in!! It has been a LONG TIME coming!! 

@Joshua Harris - understood, let me investigate/escalate from our side. 

Deleted user Jun 28, 2019

Regarding Azure Pipelines integration

We create links to Jira issues by mentioning Jira keys in PR description and sometimes in PR title and/or particular commit's title

Typically our builds contain several changes where title of commit is something like "Merged PR 875: ..." , and Jira key mentioned in full commit message

Will this work?


For Azure Pipelines integration, there is a small configuration piece you need to do on Azure DevOps side.

Please refer to for a step by step guide.

@[deleted] Azure Pipelines integration relies on Github for Jira linking the commit to the Jira issue. If you mention the issue in PR title, then it works. Would not work if you only mention in description.

Deleted user Jul 04, 2019

@Azure Pipelines , thank you

but do we have any options to utilize Azure Repos for Git ?

Please update this with Jenkins

added Jenkins, thanks for the reminder @Léon Tebbens 

Can we use this for TeamCity as well?

Hi @Charles Connelly - yes there is a TeamCity integration built by one of our marketplace vendors that uses the same API, you can find it here:

@Philipp Suchan thanks for the quick reply.   Are you sure it leverages the API?  When I look at the documentation it seems like it relies on custom fields rather than the development built in object.   What I like about the examples you are showing above is that the integration for these other build tools is now able to use that development object natively.


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