13 reasons why Jira is so popular 📸


According to the 2021 State of Agile Report, Jira is the most highly recommended Agile tool in the world! 



Now, Jira is popular for many reasons but for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to 13! 🤩


1. Made for agile teams  🛸

Jira is based on Agile project management, which allows companies to update products often! Jira can be used for Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid like Scrumban


2. Good at tracking projects  🚂

Jira offers visibility over ongoing projects, at any stage, by allowing you to track all activities, including issues and their updates, people assigned, team comments, and so on.

  • JQL to filter issues based on criteria.

  • Jira sidebar for immediate access to planning, releasing, tracking, and reporting.

  • Flexible planning to create tasks and stories from any screen.

  • Drag and drop to simplify creating sprints and epics in the backlog.


3. Track time with colors  🎨

Jira uses 3 colors (blue, orange and green) to track time spent on an issue:

  • Blue: estimated time until completion of issue

  • Orange: time left for fixing the issue

  • Green: actual time spent resolving the issue


4. Search options are many  🗂️

Find what you’re looking for easily by saving specific filters for later, or by using Jira search functionalities: simple search, quick search, export search, configurable search results, advanced search, search status history, and refine searches. 


5. Jira reports are the bomb  📊

Get project statistics the way you want them: pie chart report, user workload report, cumulative flow diagram report, sprint report, burndown chart report, and so on.



6. Jira add-ons are endless  ♾️

Customize and extend Jira’s possibilities thanks to 1,000+ Jira add-ons and plugins available in the Atlassian Marketplace, so you can control everything about your project or product. 


7. Jira integrates with other products  ✔️

Jira integrates well with so many products: GitHub, Slack, Trello, Salesforce, Balsamic, Zendesk, Tempo, Confluence, and Bitbucket amongst others.


8. Jira is good on mobile  📱

Jira’s native mobile apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices, meaning users are engaged no matter where they are.


9. Assign based on your team  🔒

Security levels and permission schemes ensure that the right people have access to the right information, with no mixups!


10. Roadmaps make things simpler  🛣️

With Jira roadmaps, you can create, manage and visualize epics in a simple way; access issue stages, see what’s missing, and know when bugs are scheduled for fixing.



11. Save time with Jira templates  🗄️

Use predefined templates for processes and tasks (if you’re working with team-managed projects), or customize your own type of Jira issue and save it as a template to be used later.


12. Customize your Jira dashboard  🪡

Customize your dashboard in a way to display elements that can give you access to the info you need to support your team members in tracking their progress.


13. Manage portfolios with Jira  🔮

Portfolio for Jira offers a bird’s eye view of all projects (including tasks, sprints and so on), and allows you to arrange the work by themes and initiatives (in a hierarchy), and plan work based on team capacity. 



Project management can be a complicated process, with many variables at play but one thing's for sure, Jira makes it much easier! 


This article is a mini extract from a beginner's guide to Jira kind-of blog I wrote; you can read it here if you want... 😇 



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