using =jira.jql() in an excel cell

Rob Wickham November 14, 2019

when I use the following in an excel cell, the task pane just says "1 of 1 rows imported. Saving..." and never actually brings back the query result.


I get a momentary #BUSY! message in the cell, then an "Import started at..." message in the cell. That's all.

I'm just trying to insert the Summary field value into the excel cell, not bring back a table or a property for multiple issues.

Edit: I tried this a different way, using a blank workbook and the following was the result, using 4 cells -- the cell I used the formula in, plus the 3 cells below it. This is not what is expected. Why would the 1st 3 rows come back from this usage? It seems poorly implemented if this is what was expected.

Import started at November 14, 2019 2:25 PM by Rob Wickham
1 rows imported in 2 seconds
Risk management and customer requirements embedded within each process definition

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Jack Brickey
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Community Leader
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October 22, 2021

@Rob Wickham , just looking to clean up old issues. Is this stigma question for you or did you find the answer?

Rob Wickham October 22, 2021

I stopped using it altogether because it didn't feel ready for prime time. Has the code improved in the last 2 years?

Peter Simpson December 7, 2021

Found myself looking for an answer to this and arrived here - still seems to be the same, i.e. 3 additional/unwanted/useless rows output - what is the point of these?!

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UdayKiran April 6, 2023

The sharepoint which is supposed to be pointing to the documentation/examples no longer exists.

Jim B August 31, 2023

It's definitely been implemented with the expectation of returning a table of results, rather than a single field for a single entry. I see two ways to get round this...

  1. Put your =JIRA.JQL("issuekey=QI-695","summary") cell someplace off screen, then reference the cell two rows below that from wherever you want the Summary field to be displayed.

  2. Could you structure your spreadsheet in such a way that you could hide the introductory rows? They'd be there, but not shown.
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Alanis_ Hans
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I'm New Here
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March 16, 2024

Has this been addressed? I’m also getting the 3 useless rows. Why isn’t the result placed in the same cell where the query is??


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