What is different between org admin, site admin and product admin

Urmo Luts May 28, 2021


Is there some good explanation for Jira Cloud difference between org-admin, site-admin and product admin.

Org admin is master of one company cloud sites, under there is one host with site-admin rights and under there is product admin like jira, confluence but is there some good doc where i can understand what rights one or another have. Right now i'm littlebit lost with site and product admin rights and i'm working with ACP-120.

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Krista Stellar November 16, 2022

This is an old thread and the above answers may no longer be valid and it will depend whether your organization is using the new user management experience (or not).

Per this article the new user management experience has REMOVED the concept of a Site Admin role. There is still a site-admin group, but adding members to that group will grant the Org Admin permissions to the members. In other words an Org Admin is a member of site-admins and vice versa. This also means that only an Org Admin can manage groups and group memberships. A product admin (e.g. Jira Admin for a site) cannot view or manage users or groups.

There is no way using the new user management experience, that I can see, to grant a user the ability to act as a Site Admin for a single instance.

Everything else I have found discussing org admin vs site admin in the community and support posts on Atlassian will tell you there is a distinction, this single article is the only outlier (and in my actual experience managing many orgs, it is accurate):


Krista Stellar September 5, 2023

Since many of you have voted for my comment (above) I wanted to highlight that Atlassian has added a new role - User Admin. I recommend reviewing this Atlassian article for a good description of the current admin roles: https://support.atlassian.com/user-management/docs/what-are-the-different-types-of-admin-roles/

Note that you do need to understand if a site is using the centralized user management or the 'original'. The link above does provide an explanation.

I am very happy to see this role added as it does solve a gap between Org Admin and Product Admin in that many admins coming from server will be used to managing groups and group membership.

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Hope Man February 20, 2024

Randomly found this post about this admin role. (Tbh I thought they wanted to remove the "Trusted" roles as well, which is still there in our case.)

In any case, it seems like they are bringing it back. But there is little info about it and I'm a bit confused about the whole thing.


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Juan Manuel Ibarra
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May 28, 2021

Hi Urmo:


Product admins can access the product settings. See Administering Jira Cloud products or Confluence administer's guide for more details.


Site admins can perform these site operations:

  • Access the site's Admin at https://admin.atlassian.com.
  • Make other users site or product admins.
  • Site settings so that it displays your company's branding and image.
  • Administer users for your site, meaning you can invite, remove, and export users, among other things.
  • Groups and product access, meaning you can update settings for how users get access and adding users to groups.


Organization admins can perform these organization operations:

  • Access your organization at admin.atlassian.com.
  • Make other users organization admins.
  • Verify or remove domains for your organization.
  • Subscribe to Atlassian Access and apply security policies on managed accounts.
  • Managed accounts, meaning you can edit details and deactivate or delete accounts, among other things.


You can see more details in this link: https://support.atlassian.com/user-management/docs/give-users-admin-permissions/

Urmo Luts May 31, 2021

So i understand that Site and Organization admin can create/admin groups and users and add users to jira-administrators group to manage Jira userrights+workflows etc. Jira-administrators can give rights to project admin?

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Daniel Ebers
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June 5, 2021

Hi @Urmo Luts

yes this is basically it. Apart from that there are also the "trusted" user accounts, the fine differences are worth having an precise look into documentation but ... also test!
=> What me helped the most is to create a (Free) Jira Cloud instance and to try a bit.
It really gets so much easier when clicking yourself with a few test accounts within your Cloud site.
Probably also a trial with a higher tier than Free will be needed - depending on where you need to upgrade your existing knowledge (for example most permission management is not possible in Free plans).

Good look for your exam and happy studying!


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