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I have several hardware and software teams that have their own JIRA projects and boards that they manage. They create most of there own tasks within their own project but can and do create tasks for other teams that they assign to the other teams as needed.  In order for each team to see tasks assigned to them from other projects I have updated their board filters to pull those tasks in but doing this has made it so each team sees the other teams versions on their board creating a lot of clutter. I would like to keep the board filter since it does pull in the required tasks but I want to be able to remove the versions from each board that are not their own so the cluttered view is eliminated.  So my ask is how can I make this happen and if I cannot, is there a plan to have this be an update to the JIRA tool in a future version of it?

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Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 02, 2017

@Nick Knuth, If i understand your issue and goal correctly it is certainly solvable thru proper filtering for the board. However, to assist  I would need more info from you. Can you provide the details of your current board filter? 

Ahead of that let me ask a question and make some comments that may help.

  • Are the boards associated w/ projects or people? It may be a simply matter of creating boards based upon teams rather than projects. Such as:
    • Board 1 = Assignee in (Fred, Sally, Juan)
    • Board 2 = Assignee in (Betty, Stephen, Jill, Jen)

If any of the resources work on multiple boards then you will need to consider adding other qualifiers.

The current board filters are all based on projects instead of people because tasks are not initially assigned to individuals but rather to a team (software team, mechatronics team, etc.) for review, assignment, and completion. An example of a filter is below: 

project = HW1 OR project = 16002 AND "Team Name" = "AGV HW1" OR project = HW2 AND "Team Name" = "AGV HW1" OR project = "AGV Mobile Automation Documentation" AND "Team Name" = "AGV HW1" OR project in ("AGV EAF Connector", "AGV Ensor Validation", "AGV Contour Navigation") AND "Team Name" = "AGV HW1" ORDER BY Rank ASC

If someone on Team HW2 creates a task and assigns it to Team HW1 they use a field 'Team Name' that has a drop down selection and they just select HW1 and then create the task and it falls to HW1's backlog because of that tag as you can see in the board filter example above. The added boards and versions that appear with this filter setup though is a bit much but going person by person would create other larger complexities I would think

Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 02, 2017

that is a pretty messy filter. :-(

so...wouldn't simply creating the boards based upon the "Team Name" work? e.g.

AGV Board - "Team Name" = "AGV HW1"


If I am reading you correctly, all issues associated w/ a team ultimately will have the "Team Name" field set. If not already the case that field should be made required at creation so that all issues appear on a board.

I realize I keep going back to the people->board approach but it seems that is how the org works? I'm still missing something here I think so bare with me as I try to understand.

Okay so we tried the filter:

project = HW1 OR "Team Name" = "AGV HW1" ORDER BY Rank ASC 

We are still seeing all of the versions for other projects as well as boards, and sprints. I am not sure I understand the people piece that you are going back to but the board still has the same clutter. 

Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 02, 2017

ok so I think I missed your key point on "seeing all of the versions". I misread this as you were seeing issues from other projects on a board. My bad here. So now to the versions issue, can you provide a screen-cap example and illustrate so I'm clear on what you are seeing?

Board Filter.PNGLooking at the versions you can see versions for multiple projects and there are more projects with versions if I scroll down further. I only want each team to see their own versions.  This applies to sprints and boards within the project as well.  You can see sprints on the right of the screen shot from various other projects not just the HW1 project in this example. 

Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 02, 2017

ok so now I'm clear and sorry for taking you the long way around. :-(

So the reason, likely obvious, you see all these version is that the Versions section will cover all version for all projects on the board. There is (AFAIK) no way to restrict that to only the versions associated with the specific issues on the board. Versions is associated to project. The reason they show up on the board is so that one can drag and drop issues from the board backlog to the desired version.

Jack Brickey Community Champion Nov 02, 2017

the other thing to consider is to used linked issues. You could have the HW2 team create an issue in their board and then create a linked issue in HW1 project.

I understand the versions are there to drag and drop tasks and that has always made sense and been convenient.  My issue was strictly with the fact that I am seeing other projects versions on HW1's board rather than just seeing the versions they made and the sprints they made and the boards they made specifically for there project. I was hoping there was a way to hide or remove the irrelevant versions, boards, and sprints to eliminate some of the clutter that can be seen on boards that pull in tasks from multiple projects.  If there is not a way to do that, it would be an awesome feature to have Atlassian add to JIRA.


I appreciate all of your help on this. 

Take a look at this

  • Restrict the version or epic list by Project key for example: KEY1|KEY2|KEY3

Filtering will be saved so next time you'll open the backlog versions or epics will be filtered out by project.

32.Filter Versions.png

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