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Jar Lady March 15, 2024


I have a use case where I need to trigger notification to the assignee of next task once the previous task is done. How do I do that using Jira automation rule? 

For example: 

Task 1 - Do laundry (set to Done)

Task 2 - Clean kitchen (receive notification that task 1 has been done and to start working on Task 2)

Thank you.

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Adrián García González March 19, 2024

Hi @Jar Lady,


Reading the needs you mention, I understand that your casuistry is similar to the following:


With this in mind I propose the following solution:

Relate the Tasks to each other with a relationship. In Jira there are a series of relations created "by default" such as relates to, cloned by, etc. You could use relates to to relate the Tasks, so that task1 is related to task2, task 2 to task 3 and so on.


Then the automation rule would be as follows:

  • Trigger: When an issue is moved to the Done state and is of type Task.
  • Action: We open a branch to the related Task and move it to In progress status and send an email notification to the Task Assignee.



With this you should be able to solve your need. However, I would recommend you to create a new relationship in case you use the relates to for other purposes. If you didn't understand something of the process or you need more help, don't hesitate to comment me.


I hope this helps you. Let me know if it does. Best regards!

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Stephen Wright _Elabor8_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 17, 2024

Hi @Jar Lady 

Task 1 would need to be related to Task 2 in some manner, so it's possible to locate Task 2.

You want something repeatable, so you don't a custom rule per Task - are the Tasks linked together using linked issues potentially?


Jar Lady March 17, 2024


Can I know how to set up that "linkage" and also trigger Task 2 once task 1 is done? Can show an example of how the automation rule can be configured when task 1 is done and task 2 is being triggered (i.e. status change to "In Progress" and email sent to assignee)?

Thank you.

Stephen Wright _Elabor8_
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
March 19, 2024

Hi @Jar Lady 

I'd do this in parts...

  1. Add a link type for this
  2. Link issues together
  3. Create the Automation rule


(1) Link Type

You can either use an existing link type, or add one relevant to doing Tasks in order.

To add a link type, you'll need to be a Jira Product Admin, and then...

  1. Go to Settings (cog icon top-right) > Issues
  2. Select Issue linking from the left-hand menu
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and create the link type

You could use something like (outward / inward)...

  • is required by / requires
  • has to be done before / has to be done after
  • is before / is after
  • ...etc

See more on this page:


(2) Link Issues together

You need to ensure the issues are linked to each other.

You can this manually...

  1. Go to the main Issue view for Task 1
  2. On the top bar (just below Summary), select Link issue
  3. Add the link type (eg. requires), and locate Task 2 - and link them together
  4. Repeat for all Tasks in sequential order

You can add linked issues to the issue create screen, and do this during creation.


(3) Automation Rule

Finally, create your Automation Rule:

  • Trigger: Issue transitioned
    • To = Done
  • Condition: Issue fields condition
    • Field = Issue Type
    • Condition = equals
    • Value = Task
  • Branch: Related issues
    • Type = Linked issues
    • Link type = is required by
      • Branch-Action: Transition Issue
        • Destination status = In Progress
      • Branch-Action: Send Email
        • To = Assignee
        • Subject = {{issue.key}} - {{issue.Summary}} has started
        • Content = <content here>

A few notes on this...

  • The Branch looks for the next issue, which should be linked to Task 1. It will activate against all issues it finds with this link type, so I would either...
    • Ensure the link type is unique, and/or...
    • Link only one issue to another issue with this link type
  • The Email can use smart values to show dynamic information - check out how these work on this page


Give this a try, and let us know how it goes!


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Mikel Garcia Bartolome March 15, 2024

Foremost, hello and thanks for asking.

I think we need to know some more information, how is the next task related to the current one (linked, "brothers", etc.)? 

Once the task is completed, the automation can be activated and send an email (or whatever notification you want) saying that you want to start the new task.

If you always want the same value to be written, simply write the desired message in the body of the email, for example: "task 1 has been done and to start working on Task 2". However, this automation will only work for that task.

The ideal would be to send that email and warn about the next task using the "smart values". In this way, this automation scales to different tasks and is not static and can be scalable.

Attached is an image that shows that when a task is completed, an email is sent to the assignee with the desired text:


Jar Lady March 17, 2024

I have Epic, story and task. 

Epic - Do XYZ

Story 1) Do A

Task -

1A) Do Task 1 for Story 1

1B) Do Task 2 for Story 1

Story 2) Do B

Task -

2A) Do Task 1 for Story 2

2B) Do Task 2 for Story 2

My question is, how do I linked all together and also when Task 1A is done, it will trigger Task 1B status change to "In Progress" and send notification for Task 1B assignee? Another scenario is when Task 1B is done, it will trigger status change to Task 2A and send notification to Task 2B as well? 


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