Split story point of a task in different weeks

Garn March 8, 2024

Hi community,

I'm using Jira software Datacenter instance version 9.4.8.

I would like to have an overview of my work in the next weeks to check the current work that needs to get done and the weight of this work. For this, I use story point to describe the weight of a task. I split it in different weeks depending on the time I have to do the task.

For now, I'm doing the check in Excel with the following way:

story point graph.png



I have tested to display it with KPIs & "Reports - Charts and Graphs Free" add-on (x-axis as a sprint & ticket summary, y-axis as sum of story points), but as I can't attribute story points to different weeks, I cannot reproduce it.

test story point kpi.PNG


Any idea how to recreate this first graph in Jira ?

Am I misunderstanding the use of story points in Scrum methodology?


Thank you for your help,

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Trudy Claspill
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March 11, 2024

Yes, you have misunderstood the use of Story Points in the scrum methodology that Jira is designed to support.

There are many resources available that explain Scrum. Here is a link to the information provided by Atlassian:


In a Scrum methodology the idea is that you commit to completing all the work related to a task within a single sprint with each sprint being a consistent duration (i.e. one week, or two weeks, typically). That enables you to establish a pattern (or velocity) about how much work the team can complete during sprints.

The scrum methodology does not break the points across the days or weeks encompassed in the sprint. It only matters that the task is completed by the end of the sprint.

If you have a task that is going to take more than one sprint to complete, you should break the task into smaller tasks that you can complete within the duration of a sprint.

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