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Felix January 23, 2018

Hey folks, I have the following scenario: 

2 JIRA Server Instances on different networks, with different URLs, hosted on different servers - "JIRA Instace A" and "JIRA Instance B". 

The question is, is it possible to display issues from "JIRA Instance A" on a board configured in "JIRA Instance B"? 

So far I have only found a solution to either link issues using the application links or sync the whole JIRA instances all together. For now, I don't need a sync, I don't even need to have the possibility to edit an issue from instance A in instance B and sync that change back to instance A. Based on my research, I doubt that the above scenario is possible, but just want to double check it :) 



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Deleted user January 23, 2018

Hi @Felix,

You could have a closer look at Backbone Issue Sync for Jira. 

If you install Backbone on both your Jira instances, you can synchronize issues between specific projects in those instances. You have full control on the scope of the synchronization – you can choose which exact issues from which projects get synchronized.

In your scenario, you could configure the issues in Instance A to be synchronized over to Instance B. This would cause identical issues to be created in Instance B. Then in Instance B, you'd be able to work with the issues in any way you want (including viewing them on boards etc.). And because the issues in Instance B are automatically changed whenever the corresponding issues in Instance A are changed, you’d avoid a situation where the issues in Instance B get outdated.

No application link is necessary – you can configure synchronization via HTTPS, email (with secure PGP encryption), or file transfer.

Another possible solution is the WatchTower add-on for Jira – it allows you to add issues from multiple Jira instances into a single board. I’m not an expert on this add-on, but maybe that's something you could look into too.

If you have any questions about Backbone, reach out to us directly at any time – we'll be happy to discuss your use case in detail.

Cheers, Tom.

Andrey Dekhtyar _Rozdoum_
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June 27, 2018

Hi Felix

on behalf of Watchtower team - would be happy to address your case and see what is the best solution

Thomas,  thx for referencing

Regards, Andrey

Roger Hall March 6, 2024

@Andrey Dekhtyar _Rozdoum_ We have a similar need. We have a project in one instance that is a kanban board. In settings we have a filter that allows us to see issues from multiple projects in this one software project. We need to also see issues from another project on another instance. When we edit the filter to add said project, it only sees the projects from the instance it resides on. Would the watchtower app allow us to add projects from another instance to this filter?


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Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
January 23, 2018

You can also do a sync on an issue per issue basis.  Check following video showing how Exalate (a synchronization add-on) can sync agile projects - including epics, stories, ranking ...

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