Show a list of issues from the previous Sprint using JIRA Issue Filters

David Patrick November 19, 2013

As a Scrum Master,

I want to be able to identify the User Stories completed in the last completed Sprint using the JIRA Issue Filter either with JQL Syntax or some other technique,

So that Senior Management can be presented with a single confluence page giving an overview of work completed by my team.

More info:

The page is a three column format with embedded JIRA Issue queries.

Column 1 is the 'Past Stories' - as requested above

Column 2 is the current Sprint - achieved using the sprint = openSprints() query

Column 3 is Future Sprints - we have a 'Potential Candidates' sprint that is never started, but helps us to identify those stories from the backlog that are meeting our Definition of Ready.

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Justin Leader
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November 19, 2013
David, I'm sorry, I don't believe there is a lastSprint() type function at this time. You'd have to manually change the filter each sprint.
David Patrick November 19, 2013

Thanks for the quick reply.

I've had a few guys looking at it here, and the closest we could come up with is a list of completed stories by completion date using the following:

project = Goose and sprint in closedSprints() and status = closed order by updatedDate DESC

Its then a bit of digging to get the sprint number from that.

I think I need to adjust my approach and get a bit more clarity on exactly what is wanted in the report, as actually, just letting people loose with the Sprint Report might be all that is required.

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Raspdealer July 2, 2015

Hey ! Still no lastSprint() function ?

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Serge M March 27, 2018

Thanks, David Patrick your solution was the closest, and "sprint in closedSprints()" does the trick well, or it can be refined to the specific sprint ID, in case one needs only the last sprint to consider. 

Vinoth T September 25, 2018

+1 to LastSprint() and can we get this feature asap?

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Joao Reis February 15, 2019

+1 for that! Can;t believe Atlassian did not make this available yet. Should be the easiest thing for them, and definitely one of the most important functions for automating sprint reports.

MichaelL February 20, 2019

+1 agreed

Kavya Sai February 28, 2019

+1 lastSprint() this saves lot of our effort

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Anna Romanovskaia March 6, 2019

+1 lastSprint()

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Danielle Toutoungi May 7, 2019

+1 lastSprint() too

Bill Tanner June 19, 2019

+1 lastSprint()  Just had this request today from a project team

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Seadna Smallwood August 28, 2019

+1 lastSprint() !!!

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George Pilpilidis September 13, 2019

+1 lastSprint() FTW!

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Manas Kulkarni December 9, 2019

+1 lastSprint() please please please

Erika Fer December 27, 2019

+1 lastSprint()

Valentin Miculit January 30, 2020

+1 lastSprint()

Kyle Denton February 3, 2020

+1 lastSprint()

Mike Nicol February 4, 2020

+1 for lastSprint()

Jira Integration February 5, 2020

+ 1 for lastSprint()

eli.tabrisov February 18, 2020

+1 for lastSprint()

knyazeveo February 20, 2020

+1 for lastSprint()

Justine Watt February 26, 2020

+1 for lastSprint()

Nikhil Jain April 16, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

Jilson James April 29, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

Randy Bryant April 30, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

leonardokochake May 7, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

Annette Stierman-Verstrijden May 7, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

Andreas Joebges May 19, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

Aaron Ferguson May 21, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

This needs to specify which sprint. For example I want to see only last sprint OR last 2 sprints OR second to last sprint. All of these need to be possible.

Bin Ji June 25, 2020

+1 for lastSprints()

Deleted user July 17, 2020

+100 for lastSprints()!!!!

Lien Huynh October 22, 2020

+ for lastSprints()

Michelle Murray October 26, 2020

How is it 5 years later and lastSprints() isn't here yet...... +1. and also going to vote on that feature request. Sprint reporting would be so much easier with it. 

Aline Figueiredo November 11, 2020

Please LastSprint ()

Carl Tuetken November 13, 2020

Agreed, this is a function needed to manage sprints and to track work.

zhine December 17, 2020

+1 for LastSprint() as being very valuable. Thank you!

johannes.graessler January 13, 2021

+1 for lastSprints()

Ryan Nichols February 2, 2021

+1 for lastSprints()

Lorri Glover February 18, 2021

+1 for lastSprints()

Vlad Calin Buzea March 23, 2021

+1 for lastSprints()

John Wilkinson April 21, 2021

We need a lastSprint() or previousSprint() type function.

Everest Hoxha June 22, 2021

+1 on  lastSprint() or previousSprint()

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Gary.Samuelson March 12, 2019


0 votes
LIndsay Kiefer November 24, 2020

+1 lastSprint() would be sooooooo helpful!

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Kirk J Gould April 8, 2020

Try This:

project = "Test" and sprint in openSprints(-1)

Mike Nicol April 9, 2020

Doesn't work for me.

Aakash Chauhan May 3, 2020


Maria Akulova December 31, 2020

doesn't work for me

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John Mimms April 27, 2021

does not work

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