Restricting a user to have access to one jira project only in our Jira Cloud.

Vibha Parmaj February 19, 2024

Hi, I will be adding a user to our organisation's jira cloud, as this user do not belong to our organisation, we want to limit/restrict his access from other projects, features and configurations in jira cloud. 

This user must be able to access one specific project itself(company-managed project).

Earlier I have tried to configure the Permission scheme by following these respective steps:

  1. Logged-in to jira as an Jira Site Admin
  2.  To test this scenario I have added a collegue's non-organisational/Personal Mail id as new user. Jira Settings->User Management->Invite users->sent invite to the user mail id.
  3. Then created a new group Jira Settings->User Management->Groups->Create group-"External users" and added that new user to this group.
  4. Next went to Jira settings->Issues->Permission Scheme->copied a permission scheme->in the copied permission scheme->in Browser Projects removed all logged-in user and added the External User group only.
  5. Then accessed the project settings-> changed the newly added permission sheme->and added that user in the same project.

In our jira cloud we have other Permission scheme that allow All Logged-in Users. We don't want to edit those permission scheme and risk other users losing their access.

So please help me with other way to restrict the new user access to other projects, without making changes to any permission scheme. 

Is it possible to do so?

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Matthias Gaiser _K15t_
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February 19, 2024

Hi @Vibha Parmaj

let me try to answer your question with a question:

If your other permission schemes allow all Logged-In Users to access these projects, how should Jira know without any changes to this permission scheme that the External Users are not allowed to access it?

So, in short: No, you need to adapt your existing permission schemes. I'd recommend instead of using All Logged-In Users a group like Internal Users.

I guess that's not the reply you wanted, but hope it helps anyways.


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