Problem where the save button can be pressed even though no changes have been made

坂下弥 March 5, 2024

We received the following inquiry from a user.
After changing a task, if you close the tab without pressing the save button and reopen the tab the next day, a bug occurs where the previous information is retained and the save button appears as if the changes were made. doing.

Normally, when changes are made to a card in JIRA's WBS, the save button turns yellow and can be pressed, and if no changes are made, it remains gray. (The image below is without any changes)
In normal cases, even if you delete the file without saving it and reopen it, the information you tried to change previously will not be retained, so you should not be able to press the save button.

I don't have the same problem as the user who is making the inquiry.
This is the first time I've seen a bug like this, do you know the causeスクリーンショット 2024-03-06 020112.png

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Hello @坂下弥 👋🏻

Thank you for posting - Raphael from WBS Gantt-Chart support team here!

Even trying some scenarios, we couldn't reproduce the problem you reported from your colleague as well, since usually the browser displays a pop-up before closing the browser itself asking to save the changes before closing it. 

Also, even forcing the closure of the browser through process manager app, the browser didn't retained the last changes if we don't click on Save button on WBS Gantt-Chart.

By searching, there's some browser extensions that could disable and bypass the pop-up before closing the browser without any interaction, perhaps you could verify if there's some specific setting or extension on your colleague's browser.

That said, if you or your colleague could reproduce the scenario again, 坂下弥, we kindly ask you to share the steps with us and we'll try to replicate by our side, since we couldn't reproduce it. Furthermore you can raise a ticket in our support portal and share debug files, such as HAR file.

I hope this could address your doubt and guided you for further steps, 坂下弥, even though it may not be exactly what you were hoping to hear. Kindly let us know if you have any further questions or doubts.

Kind Regards, 

Raphael N. | Support Engineer 
Ricksoft Support Team

坂下弥 March 10, 2024


@Raphael Nascimento _Ricksoft Inc__ 
'Thank you for answerin

Where can I find a browser extension that lets me disable and bypass pop-ups before closing the browser without any action?
I want to see if my colleague has certain settings or extensions on their browser.

Hi 坂下弥,

Thank you for your reply!

As a kind share, please note that this is a third-party plugin and is not maintained or tested by us, we cannot guarantee security for it. By googling, I could find a discussion regarding this purpose here for Chrome browser.

Hope this helps discovering any specific scenario on the matter, 坂下弥.

Kind Regards, 

Raphael N. | Support Engineer 
Ricksoft Support Team

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