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Priyadharshini Ammu March 3, 2024



Can we make a multi - select scripted field which fetches the releases in the Jira project and displays the releases and end users can select multiple releases.

If so please let me know the script.


Priya R

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Stefan Stadler March 3, 2024

I am not sure if this is possible without developing the entire UI of the multi selection. 

The question is, what you want to achieve with this. If it is only for selecting releases for a tracking purpose, you might also go with Assets instead of the built-in Releases feature. We are using this as it allows multi-selection and also has a good visibility of releases and components if setup correctly.

We had to create a new object type "Releases" and a new object type "Components" and fill it the same way as in Jira.

The only downsides:

- it cannot be integrated with the "publish" function in Kanban boards. However, that would contradict the selection of multiple releases for one issue slightly (at least in my opinion).

- you could define a default assignee in the components in Assets, however, the assignment would have to be done in an automation during the creation.

Hope this helps or gives some ideas at least :)
Rgds, Stefan

Priyadharshini Ammu March 4, 2024

Thanks Stefan for your answer actually we are trying to create a scripted field called Applicable Patch Version which would fetch the releases in jira and that field should behave like multiselect so that the end users can select the values and can create the ticket.

Priya R

Stefan Stadler March 4, 2024

Can you let me know, how you implement that scripted field to behave like a multiselect field? Sounds interesting. :)


Priyadharshini Ammu March 4, 2024

Hi Stefan,


You mean that it is not possible to make the scripted field work like multi-select field?

Priya R

Stefan Stadler March 4, 2024

Hi Priya,

at least I am not aware of how to do that. 

However, looking at the documentation of ScriptRunner showed me the following:

Custom Script Field Examples (

There you can see "Show all previous versions in a given project", which might help you with your request (but I did not try yet).



Priyadharshini Ammu March 5, 2024

Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your insights. I will check :)



Priya R

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