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Edward Nelson March 15, 2024


We want to use Jira Insights. We have a main project "S", and a secondary project "P". Meaning, the team tickets are  the S project, and an SME from the P project has a couple of tickets from the P project reflected on the S project board. We do this so the P project ticket owner can update the S project team regarding status of dependent tickets.

This means that there are 2 active sprints in the backlog, with the P project listed first. When I turn on Insights for the S project, is only shows the P project which is listed first.

I tried changing the order of the filter but the backlog always shows the P project, rendering the Insights view useless for the S project.


Is there anyway to change the order of the project active sprints listed? Is there a way to configure Insights to use the S active sprint, not the P active sprint?

Thanks in advance.



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Niraj Kumar March 15, 2024

To address the issue of Jira Insights showing the P project instead of the S project, you can try the following steps:

  1. Adjust the Board Filter: Modify the board filter query to explicitly prioritize the S project. Use the ORDER BY clause in your JQL (Jira Query Language) to sort the issues by project key and ensure that the S project is listed first.

  2. Board Configuration: Check the board configuration settings to see if there’s an option to select the default project for the board’s Insights feature. This might be available in the board’s general or filter settings.

  3. Separate Boards: If the above methods don’t work, consider creating separate boards for each project. This way, you can have dedicated Insights for the S project without interference from the P project.

Edward Nelson March 15, 2024

Thanks Niraj, I tried 1 and 2, no luck, no change. I suspect the order of the projects is alphabetical?

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Edward Nelson March 15, 2024

I found my answer, it is so obvious, I missed it at forst. You can sleect the sprint with the arrow drop down. Duh.

Niraj Kumar March 18, 2024

That's amazing. Glad you got it! Thanks for confirming! 

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