Map status from more than one workflow to JIRA Agile columns


in one of my projects we have the use case that we use two different workflows depending on the issue type. In future we want to use the JIRA Agile Scrum board for our team. Now I am wondering how to map my worklow states from to different workflows in my scrum board without adding a new column for each status.

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Hello Natalie,

A JIRA Agile column can contain one or more workflow statuses associated. These statuses could come from different workflows as well.

This approach allows you to define macro statuses (JIRA Agile column) common to one or more statuses for a specific workflow or through different workflows.

Hope this helps,


That does not work. An issue has a workflow, that's it. It doesn't change between workflows. So, while you can define a new workflow and apply it to issue types, there's no logical link between the first workflow and the second.

issue-1 uses workflow-1 and issue-2 uses workflow-2. That's it.

I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for here. Sounds like you need to consider sub-tasks or having a workflow that includes your test steps properly.


I would like to ask one question related to the above. e.g. there is one workflow that relates to development team and for testing, we need to define new from one state of development workflow say "In Test" , can we map this state in another workflow designed for testing and based upon next transitions of testing workflow, it could update the state in development related workflow? Look forward to an urgent respone.

let me explain this further, e.g. development workflow starts from To Do, In Dev , In Test and Done. When any story / sub task is in test , I want to create another workflow that testing team follows. for testing team starting point is all those issues placed in "In Test" state and from that point they will start verification which either will be resolved as per the requirement or there will be a Bug in it. Testing team will create new bug and so forth continuing the workflow, once bug is fixed, that development item will be closed / reopened. Pl let me know if you need further detail.

That sounds like you need sub-tasks, and you have two approaches.

The first is that your bug follows to-do, in-dev, in-test, done. When a developer moves from in-dev to in-test, they should create one or more sub-tasks that represent the testing needing doing. The test sub-tasks can follow a totally different workflow. Then, when they are all complete, you can allow the top-level bug to be closed.

The other option is very similar, except that the top-level bug has a simple open/closed workflow, and the developers raise one or many sub-tasks alongside tests to cover their development work

Nic - I've seen you on a few of these. I want to give management an aggregate view of all the different work being done by our "Data Production" teams. We have 1 project for Data Production. We have 5 different teams. 3 teams share the same general development workflow (to do - in progress - review - done). the 2 other teams have distinctive workflows which allow for a back and forth user acceptance state - effectively "review" as a general state becomes 2 or 3 stages (as their is a feedback loop from user and design). 

At a management level - I just want to see work from all 5 teams that is in "review" - I don't care for those 2 outlying teams which sub "review" status it's in - I don't need that granular detail in the whole project view when I am looking at status. 

That use case = perfect sense. The business need is valid. Can jira solve it by allowing me to map 1 status = 3 columns?

Each of the 5 different teams under the 1 data production project = component/board inside the 1 project 

>Can jira solve it by allowing me to map 1 status = 3 columns?

No, because that's nonsense and doesn't meet your use case at all.  The columns represent different points in the workflow.  If you had a status in more than one column,  the board would be telling you two or more contradictory things. 

I think you probably mean the opposite: to meet your use case, have a board for management that has all the "review" status in a single column.

This is exactly what boards do - although a lot of boards have a simple 1:1 column:status setup, it's not uncommon to see columns with several status in them.  Most often I see a "done" column with more than one status "closed as duplicate", "done" and "not approved" type things

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I have a different slant on this concern, of which I am looking for a solution. I have two issue types with different workflows, however, both workflows share a common state, "In Progress", i need to create a scrum board that shows issue 1 types that are "In progress" and Issue 2 types that are in progress, but in different columns. I was hoping to see 2 "In Progress" cards in the board config, but unfortunately not. Any ideas?

You'd need to have separate status if you want to have two separate meanings and columns.

@raymond Scott: Why would you need to have these two issue types in different collumns? Column always represents a status in a workflow (its just a visual layer put on top but still showing your workflow), hence there are two possible solutions for your need:

  1. (recommended) just use quick filters on top of your board to switch between seing one issue type and the other one or both
  2. design your workflows in such a way that for one issue type "In Progress" state is somehow marked differently within a workflow and later reflected in board collumns
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For JIRA board you can have multiple workflows associated. Also one column can serve for several different statuses. Board is just a visual representation of the underlying workflow(s). 

What you're searching for here is to have a proper statuses mapped to columns you have on your board. This way you can move issues arround respectfuly to the workflows they are associated to. 

Try this: 

  1. Navigate to the desired board, then click  Board >  Configure.
  2. Click the Columns tab.

  3. Drag a status from the Unmapped column on the left to the appropriate column you wish to use. 

Note, all statuses configured in the JIRA server are available from the board Configuration page. However, some statuses (in particular, custom statuses) may not be available for issues on your board if the JIRA workflows used by these issues do not utilize those statuses

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