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Manage label fields on board issues in a team managed project

I want to use labels and show them on my issue cards in my board. When I create a label by writing the value from the board view it appears on the issue card for 1/2 second, then it disappears. Is that a bug or what am I doing wrong? I also can't see card options in my board settings, se screen shot. Why is that?


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@Team Logistics Sigma 
Hi, do you still have the problem? 
I also have the problem that added labels are not shown on the board. 

@Maximilian Floß Yes, I still have that problem

Hi @Team Logistics Sigma 

Please can you confirm the board type you are using. The board i use is a Kanban. I don't believe there is different options for different boards when it comes to this issue.


Where can I see that? I can see that it's a "Software project" and that I'm using "Team-managed project". Is that the answer to your question? For the Board it only says "Board".

Hi @Team Logistics Sigma 

You need to have admin rights to a board this article below should help

If you pass this to your administrators they will know what needs to happen. Once you have the permission set my first reply will make sense.


Ok, thanks. I have now sent a request again to my Jira admin to look at this. So you are sure that I'm not working in the "wrong" project type or something like that?

Hi @Jason Lane the Jira admins of our company said that I am Jira admin for my project so there were no more rights to give me :(. Could it be that you and me are working in different project-types?

This may well be the issue here. Im using a Kanban Board in the examples but have seen these options in the project you are mentioning.

I think the issue may well be that you have multiple labels assigned - @Bill Sheboy provided a solution for this and i agree with him. Sounds like a restart is needed first.


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Hi @Team Logistics Sigma 

You appear to be using a team-managed project.  To add the fields for that one:

  • select an issue on the board or backlog
  • at the bottom of the issue view, you will see a gear icon and Configure fields
  • select Configure fields, and now you can add your labels to the view

Kind regards,

Thank you Bill. That I have tried already, se attached image. The new label shows on the card when I click on it but not in the board view.2022-09-19 09_57_Context fields.png2022-09-19 10_00_Error message.png

Please try the field at the bottom-right, Previously created fields, for the Labels field.

Hi Bill, 

I have tried that. However, when first using this I managed to set up a list option "Carrierintegration" that I no longer want to use. Do you know how to remove it?

2022-09-21 Label remove listoption.png

The values for labels are only shown when still in use. 

For example, let's say you added labels to an issue for: A, B, and C.  When editing any issue you will see those options available, and you can add others when needed.  If you wanted to remove "C" from the list shown, it would need to be deleted from all issues which use it.

Thank you Bill, the value "Carrierintegration" is not used by any issue in the board nor the list but it still shows in the dropdown list for the label. 

Have you checked if it is used as a label for any issues, such as with this JQL?

labels IN ("Carrierintegration")

The label will remain in the dropdown list if it is used by any issues on your Jira site.

Hi, thank you @Bill Sheboy

Now I understand. When I did your query I realized that it's used on issues in another project, owned by another person and has nothing to do with my project. So that means that I can not use that one I guess, but rather need to create new label-fields. That was one step in the right direction :). Now I just need to figure out how I can get my new label field to show on the card in the board. Do you know?

 Label missing on card.png

I suggest first removing all labels fields from the card view, exit all browsers, start your browser and then try re-adding the field.

If you still see multiple "labels" fields, or the field doesn't display when added, I recommend chatting with your Jira site admin to uncover what is happening.

Hi @Team Logistics Sigma ,

You need to use the Board Settings on the top right of the board 3 dots ... Then see screen shot for displaying them on the cards in the board.



Then go into the 'Issue detail view' and add lables there. You will need to ensure in each issue Type - 'Epic','Bug' etc that you have 'Issues' added to. I can share that with you as well if you havnt done that. 

Hope this helps.


Thanks, the problem is it doesn't look like yours. When I press the 3 dots I only get 3 choices: Manage workflow, Manage custom filters and Configure board. When I choose "Configure board" I get the view below. Am I using the wrong type of project or do I not have enough administrative rights?

 Three dots.pngBoard setting options.png


I would check with your admin team - Im an admin and i don't believe it matters what board you are using. I did find however there was more available in a Kanban Board - Most of my organisation use this.

Let me know how you get on.


Hi Jason, are you saying that I am missing some admin rights? If so, can you please send me  a screenshot of what I should see so I can communicate that with them?


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