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Lean Li March 24, 2024


I am trying to find a way to add bug age to an email notification that I am sending my teams with Jira automations.

I have created a variable - BugIssues- with these smart values:

{{#lookupIssues}}<tr><td><a href="{{url}}">{{key}}</a></td><td><a href="{{url}}">{{summary}}</a></td><td>{{status.name}}</td><td>{{now.diff(issue.created).days}}</td></tr>{{/}}


Then I have this email template:

<h3>Bug issues</h3>
<table border="0" width="60%" cellPadding="5">
<th align= "left">Key</th>
<th align= "left">Summary</th>
<th align= "left">Status</th>
<th align= "left">Age</th>


But the Age field doesn't get any value. Can anyone suggest ideas on how to continue from here? All help much appreciated!

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Lean Li March 24, 2024

I got this working with this syntax:

{{#lookupIssues}}<tr><td><a href="{{url}}">{{key}}</a></td><td><a href="{{url}}">{{summary}}</a></td><td>{{status.name}}</td><td>{{created.diff(now).days.abs}}</td></tr>{{/}}

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