Jira plugin for Zendesk - We want to stop the label "jira_escalated" from being added.

Galen February 10, 2022

We have the zendesk jira communication functioning, however we are not interested in having "jira_escalated" labels added to tickets in Jira.


I am not seeing a process for disabling that.



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Galen February 16, 2022

Further information I have indicates that the "jira_escalated" labels added to tickets in Jira are required for the functionality, so cannot be removed without removing or otherwise disabling the plugin.

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Grant Cusson March 1, 2022

I'm having the same problem as Galen above.


Can someone please explain the point of having labels when we can't delete an automatically created label from Zendesk... it defeats the whole purpose of labeling when you cant control the labels. I've tried creating an automation that deletes the jira_escalated label when an issue is created and nothing happens (it shows its been deleted and reappears) . Please remove this garbage label and show me a way to completely remove this label from ever happening. 

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Grant Cusson March 2, 2022

pic jira.PNGpix jira.PNGpixxxx jira.PNGpit jira.PNGHere is the automation every 5 min that removes the jira_escalated label. Finally found it. 

Galen March 2, 2022

I have been led to believe that the integration will not work correctly without those tags.  Are you seeing any negative effects?

Since it only runs every 5 minutes, are you still seeing those tags occasionally?

Grant Cusson March 16, 2022

It searches every 5 minutes and works pretty fine ! Great success on my end. Now we cant create tickets from Zendesk and not worry about jira_escalated label now. 

Susan Hauth [Jira Queen]
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February 22, 2024

We have recently run into this as well.  I put in an automation rule to change the tag everytime it appears but it's ridiculously often.   It seems any status change (or other change) on Zendesk will initiate the setting of the tag (again) on the linked Jira issue(s).  The problem is with the Zendesk integration plugin provided by Zendesk that does not allow that tag to be configured.

There is a post about it on the Zendesk forum:


Unfortunately I don't see much hope of Zendesk making an improvement on this integration app.


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