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I'm New Here
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March 8, 2024

Hi guys,

We are dealing with the transition from Jira / Tempo Server to the cloud. We evaluate worklogs via API calls on the server and would like to do this from the cloud in the future. The cloud API calls work well so far.

We probably won't be able to migrate all employees and projects to the cloud on a single date, but will have a certain transition period during which some issues are still processed on the server and worklogs are created there and other recordings are already running in the cloud.

During the transition period, we would like to combine worklogs from the server and the cloud in the evaluation.

We will probably also transfer some worklogs from the server to the cloud. The transferred worklogs obviously have a different worklog ID in the cloud than on the server. This makes it difficult to ensure that a worklog entry is only evaluated once, even if it is available on both the server and the cloud.

Do you have any tips?

Thanks and regards

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Walter Buggenhout
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 8, 2024

Hi @adam and welcome to the Community!

Before making any other statements and assumptions, try to eliminate the probablies from your question.

You are rightfully identifying risks and complexity, but at the same time are plotting out a plan to invest in a temporary solution that is going to cause you headaches. With that in mind, first of all find out what you can do to avoid having to split the migration into a phased approach and see what you can do to shorten the time of your production migration. Things that may help is migrating your attachments and users beforehand.

I don't know anything about the size of your organization or the instance you are trying to migrate, of course, but would advise you to analyse the pros and cons of having to build something separate just to support an unwanted, hybrid situation for a couple of (days).

How long it would take to migrate everything in full should come from running a test migration (or a few). If that proves you can't make in over an evening / a weekend, then investigate further.

After typing all that - I realise I did not ask why you would want / need to combine data from Tempo outside of the system in the first place. Look at the business criticality of that requirement and the time it gives you to consolidate everything in once environment.

Hope this helps!

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