Jira Query on Single user field not giving expected result.

chanduperi March 10, 2024

Query is 

project = **** AND issuetype in (Defect, "Defect Record") AND status in (Submitted, Assigned) AND priority in ("P1 - Urgent", "P2 - High") AND "Target GA Release" in ("32.6.3", "32.7.1") AND "Dev Manager" = x ORDER BY createdDate ASC

The result displays the issues with Dev Manager = y 

When checked the history, Dev Manager was moved from x to y. The change is not reflecting the query. We did reindexing and that did not work either.

Please suggest.


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David Nickell March 10, 2024

This is a pure guess, but based on what you have provided, it sounds like maybe the Dev Manager name changed?  (We ran into this previously when an employee changed their gender).     I honestly don't think we ever fixed it because the name is tied to a user id which is further wrapped up in connectivity to Single Sign-on, user domains, etc.     Again from memory, it seems like their old name was forever trapped in the Change Log table.

You can use theses rest API calls in a browser to maybe gain some perspective:


chanduperi March 11, 2024

Thanks @David Nickell for details.

User's name did not change. What happened is, "Dev Manager" is a User Picker field. One of the JIRA was having this field set as User "X" and later changed to User "Y"

We want to query JIRAs where "Dev Manager" is User "X"

But, the queried list is having the JIRA where Dev Manager is User "Y" also even though JQL specifically states "Dev Manager = X" because this JIRA was having X as the Dev Manager previously.

We did re-index the JIRA and did not help

When we the single JIRA, it does report "Dev Manager" as Y only. But, JQL returns this JIRA also

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Marc Koppelaar
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March 11, 2024

Hi @chanduperi 

On updating information that is fixed in a used JQL in a filter, this won't update automatically when changing information.

As @David Nickell states the information related to the Dev Manager changed, this will require you to update the query.

You could also make the statement as: "Dev Manager" is not empty

This will always fetch information if the field is not empty and doesn't depend on changes made from x to y

chanduperi March 11, 2024

Thanks @Marc Koppelaar for help. Added few more details to @David Nickell reply.

Added below also in JQL

"Dev Manager" in a JQL as "Dev Manager" = X AND  "Dev Manager" != Y

Still reporting a JIRA where Dev Manager is Y

Dev Manager field is a Single User Picker Field

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