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Rahul March 11, 2024

I have enabled Jira and Git integration

If we mention Jira issue ID in Commit message and Merge requests, all the details will be visible in Jira issue itself.


Comment will be added and link will be created in weblinks.

It was working fine till last friday, from today the integration is not working. 

We have 2 git servers and 1 Jira instance. I have enabled this integration in both the Git servers, its working finr in one instance and not working in other instance.

It was working finr in both the instances till last friday

Any help??

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Roberto Vizcarra March 11, 2024

Hello Rahul,


Sorry to hear that you are having issues! This kind of problem could be caused by a lot of different things, so it would be best if you submitted a support request here. Please include some screenshots and a support zip file, as this will help us better diagnose the issue. We look forward to helping you with your issue and getting everything working again!


Roberto Vizcarra

Rahul March 11, 2024

@Roberto Vizcarra  can you specify what are all would be the route cause for the issue

Roberto Vizcarra March 12, 2024

Hello Rahul,

We can only determine that once you have submitted a support request with the associated logs so that we can troubleshoot the issue. The additional details are needed for analysis, as these kind of issues can be due to all sorts of things.



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