Jira Automation - Assign an Issue to Previous Assignee on Transition

Umer Saeed July 20, 2022

Hi everyone,

I've read several topics on this and noticed that Jira Automation used to have an option called: Previous Assignee under the "Assign Issue" action dropdown. I think Jira has evolved since but this option is no longer there. Another thread mentions I can use Smart Value called {{previous.assignee}} - but this doesn't work too.

My workflow:

To Do | In Progress | Code Review | Functional Review | Done


When a ticket moves from To Do > In Progress, I have a rule to auto assign it to the user who performed the action. 

But when a ticket is in the other columns, like Code Review, another developer assigns it to themselves, and  if changes are needed, they will move the ticket back to "In Progress" and I want Jira automation to automatically re-assign it to the previous assignee, because the other developer might forget to do that.


How can I achieve this?




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Alexis Robert
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 20, 2022

Hi @Umer Saeed , 


you can do this very easily with Automation for Jira : when using the "Assign issue" action, you can choose "Assign to previous assignee" as you can see in below screenshot.


Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 14.19.23.png


You will just need to define the conditions for your status when the rule should be triggered.


Let me know if this helps, 



Harish Gunturu September 6, 2023

Thanks Alexis! worked like a charm.

hamidreza December 19, 2023

 i do that command but it didn't work

tnx for help me

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Tijs Tijert March 29, 2024


I have a similar question but slightly different.
I have a workflow with several steps and transitions, in which there are three levels of assignees:
- Initial Assignee
- Technical validator
- Final Validator

The transistions towards technical validator and final validator have automated assigning based on username and pose no problem.

But since the initial assignee can be one of many users I want to auto assign to "initial assignee" when transistioning a task back to one of the initial steps.

I might be able to work with "previous assignee" if I am carefull but in my project that option is also unavailable. Does it still exist?

Any additional info I need to provide?

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Umer Saeed July 20, 2022

Hi Alexis


Oops, so sorry, I completely missed the "Another field value" pre-selection.

Got it now!



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