JIRA sub tasks nt appearing on Kanban Board

Liam Maeder October 15, 2018

I have two small problems that i am needing some help with.

  • When a sub task is created it goes to the backlog of the Kanban board, as apposed to directly appearing under the parent task.
  • The Sub tasks that are created do not appear on another board even thought the board has the relative statuses in its columns.

These two issues are on separate projects and boards, but I am hoping you could help me to sort these issues out.

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dave October 15, 2020

This question was for sub-tasks showing on a Kanban board, but instead, it's all over the place with replies. So there has yet to be a legitimate answer.

Liam Maeder October 15, 2020

Hi Dave

The first part of my question was where we wanted the parent task to be a swimlane and the subtasks to show under them, which we configured under the board settings:

  • Set swimlanes to stories, not queries.

The second part was that the sub-tasks were being filtered out of the board, which we fixed using a better filtering technic:

  • Filter tasks using issuetype in (Task, Sub-Task) OR issuetype in (standardIssueTypes(), subTaskIssueTypes()).

Thanks for pointing that out, it is rather all over the place.

Thanks and Warmest Regards

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tadeu.bento April 29, 2021

Still not working as expected. No sub-tasks show.

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Dave Collins May 20, 2021

@Liam Maeder thanks, but setting swimlanes to stories is not a resolution. we view per assignee. i have had to add issue in childIssuesOf(XXX-123, XXX-456) which also is just a workaround. this should be a simple toggle to show subTasks.

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jerry.tindall July 22, 2022

All fine and good for COMPANY managed projects, but I don't see anything about Swimlanes on Team-Managed.  Anyone?

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ynmehel February 28, 2024

Appending "OR issuetype in (standardIssueTypes(), subTaskIssueTypes()" solved the problem in my case and saved me some headache.

Thanks for the report back @Liam Maeder 

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Alexey Matveev
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October 15, 2018


The first board is a Kanban board. You should go to board settings -> swimlanes and choose Stories. In this case subtasks will be under the parent.

I guess, the second board is a Scrum board. Subtasks are not visible in the Scrum boards in the Backlog view. But subtasks are visible in the Active Sprint view.

Liam Maeder October 22, 2018

Sorry I was swamped with a new sprint... The one issue has been resolved but i am stilll having problems having my subtasks appearing on the Kanban board, the next issue after solving this was to get them to appear under their parent task, I can only test this once they appear.

The status of the subtask workflow are all in the columns on the board so i cant see why they are not appearing at all.

Thanks for the help

Elynaida Carreon November 12, 2018

I'm having the same issue. I have a parent task and created 4 subtasks, however, when I go to Kanban Board it is saying 0 sub-tasks to parent. I think this is a jira bug.

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Liam Maeder November 12, 2018

I eventually figured it out, the filter i was using was set for tasks so you should use

issuetype in (Task, "Sub-Task")

This shold display the tasks and their sub tasks.

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Brylie Christopher Oxley February 6, 2020

How can we configure a next-gen project Board to display subtasks?

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jane.vinogradova March 11, 2020

@Liam Maeder I linked my account for the sole purpose to like your response.

Adding sub-tasks in the filter of the board enabled the sub-task view we needed on our scrum active sprint board. Thank you!

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Liam Maeder March 11, 2020

@jane.vinogradova  I have realised another method if you have multiple standard issue types and multiple sub-task types:

try issuetype in (standardIssueTypes(), subTaskIssueTypes()), this will return all tasks with any issue type.

Liam Maeder March 11, 2020

@Elynaida Carreon 

Have you checked that your filter is not restricting them?

Also, take a look at the workflow that the sub-tasks use and make sure they use the same statuses that are assigned to the columns of your Kanban board.

The 0 sub-tasks to parent is only for the subtasks currently on the board.

page.partain July 29, 2020

I am having this problem too and figured out it is because my filter was picking certain epics for the Kanban. Since sub-tasks do not technically have an epic link, they were not showing on the board. Now I have to figure out a way to filter by stories and their sub-tasks that are in certain epics.

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nbarle01 August 7, 2020

I had this problem, and was hoping to use the JQL function parentEpic(), which is shown in the Atlassian support doc: https://support.atlassian.com/jira-core-cloud/docs/advanced-search-reference-jql-fields/

But parentEpic() is not a recognized function in JIRA at my company. Why is it in the Atlassian doc, but I can't use it?

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GZ September 7, 2020

I want to migrate from Next Gen to Classic kanban project and when I move story or task which has subtask in classic board it appears separately, can you please advice how should I configure classic project that all sub task appear in its parent ticket like in Next Gen.  

Carlos García October 27, 2020

That's the doc for Jira Cloud; the reason why parentEpic() is not available is because in your company you are using Jira Server or Data Center instead, and these have some minor difference with regards to the cloud one.

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BR November 4, 2021

Leaving this here if anyone is still looking for the answer.

Updating the filter like so fixed the problem for me:

"Epic Link" in (PRJ-2021) OR issueFunction in subtasksOf("'Epic Link' in (PRJ-2021) AND issuetype in (Story,Task)")

Anita Grunwald November 18, 2021

Tried this, but we are using Jira cloud and a query constructed as above returns message "Your JQL includes the [linkedIssuesOf] function from the [Adaptavist Scriptrunner] app for Jira Server. This function works differently in Jira Cloud. Refer to https://docs.adaptavist.com/sr4jc/latest/features/scriptrunner-jql-keywords-functions for details or contact the app provider."

subashini muraliraj November 29, 2021

This helped solve my problem. Thank you very much..

Tero January 27, 2023

Thanks! Works nicely with Data Center edition

ynmehel February 28, 2024

Thank you @BR, this solved my issue as well 

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Danny Who February 23, 2021

Hey Atlassians,

I have the same problem on Jira Server. We move from Scrum to Kanban Mode and need a Kanban Board that works more or less identically to the Scrum Board. We have a filter that filters just for the project and want to use swimlanes for storys and all other issuetypes as we did before. So we set up the board filter, swimlanes by stories and mapped relevant statuses to columns, everything else is mapped to the kanban backlog. There are Tasks with subtasks that have statuses which are both mapped to columns on the kanban board.Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-23 um 17.44.53.png

And still not any single subtask is showing up! aaarrrgh - so frustrating!

When I try to debug the config and dive into the boardfilter via issue navigator, the list gives me every subtask as well. So I actually don't think that I need to include "issuetype in (standardIssueTypes(), subTaskIssueTypes())" into the filter. But even desperately did so to proceed with the problem. But we are still out of luck.

- so why are they broken for the swimlane view?


Thanks for quick reply

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Julie April 28, 2022

My team just had same issue with sub-tasks not showing up on Kanban swimlanes. We were missing a team label on the sub-tasks that drives work to our board. Our admin added the label, and problem was solved.  

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Deleted user May 26, 2021

I'm struggling with the same problem. I have created a Board that contains the tickets for a subset of epics in the project, and I cannot get the subtasks to appear. I suspect that it is because subtasks do not contain an epic link. Instead, they are identified by and rely upon the link through their parent ticket. page_partain has aluded to this already. It seems to be a weakness in JIRA - I hestitate to say 'bug' because in reality, the filter is doing what it is asked and selects tickets which contains specific epic links. Using the extension issuetype in (standardIssueTypes(), subTaskIssueTypes()) has made no difference. 

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Sandeep Budhraja December 20, 2021

project = <Project Name> AND issuetype in subTaskIssueTypes() AND parent in (<User Story Key1>,  <User Story Key3>, <User Story Key3>)

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Sandeep Budhraja December 20, 2021

project = <Project Name> AND issuetype in subTaskIssueTypes() AND parent in (<User Story Key1>,  <User Story Key3>, <User Story Key3>)


This will work for all Sub-Tasks of User stories defined in the User Story Keys

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