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Siyanda Mfazwe March 23, 2023

Hi everyone, please assist. I get this error when I try get the JS script for my issue collector.

and this is the code that I get


Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Michael DiRenzo February 6, 2024

I cannot see the error.

Your issue may be related to a content security provider header.  Otherwise, your code looks sound.  Please let me suggest an alternative with your implementation:

window.ATL_JQ_PAGE_PROPS = AJS.$.extend(window.ATL_JQ_PAGE_PROPS,{ 
  triggerFunction : function( showCollectorDialog ) 
  $("#menu-items").on("click", ".issue", function(e) {   

Note: the use of "AJS" .  I am also using "$" for my jquery reference


I reference all my includes in a separate HTML widget to keep the entire page neat.  You should also refence DEV tools in your browser -> console to see any errors that might be occurring. 


Good luck.



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