Is there a way to turn off automatic invitations to users to join my Atlassian site?

Randy O_Neal
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February 21, 2024

We are being routinely met with people being (semi)automatically added to our Atlassian user community.  I can't put my finger on when/how it happens, but you'll be working on a Confluence document or a particular Jira issue and suddenly Atlassian will sense that a user somehow referenced in the issue/document you're about to save isn't an active user... would you like to invite them to join your Atlassian site?  All our helpful people routinely click "Yes" or mindlessly click through - not even realizing they just clicked "Yes" - and voila! we wind up with a duplicate user.

As most companies, we have an unnecessarily complex active directory configuration, and we have theoretically about a half dozen possible email addresses, all of which get funneled to our preferred email address behind the scenes.  For example, my email address is [my userid], but you can reach me by sending email to [my userid], [my userid], and a couple others.  I never use anything other than my Twinspires email address, but the others are valid and will be redirected in the background.

What I'm seeing is these pop-ups occur all the time, asking if you'd like to invite [user]@[one of our valid destinations].com to our Atlassian site... and nearly 100% of these are for situations where the chosen email address is already properly registered, but the specific instance for the same user is being duplicated or triplicated (or more) when the user clicks "Yes".

The helpful nature of our people combined with this "feechur" results in a heavily cluttered user account base which I wind up having to clean up periodically.  While I don't mind that too much, my users freak out when I schedule those duplicates for deletion; great prominence is paid to the fact that the user is about to be deleted; the automatically generated email doesn't do a great job letting the people know that I'm cleaning up a duplicate account and that their primary account - which they use every day - will not be affected.

Is there a setting somewhere I can disable to turn off these "helpful" messages?  This has become the last straw on the camel's back this week.

Many thanks in advance...

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Nihar Kumar Dalai February 29, 2024

Hi Randy,

Atlassian Cloud provides 3 ways to onboard users to its applications. You can read more about it at .

I believe for your scenario, "User Invites" option is applicable and an Org admin can very well disable the option for anyone to invite others.

Once you login to , go to Products menu, click on 'user access settings' on the left pane. On the 'User invites' Tab, for the required product (Jira & Confluence in this case) , select "Don't allow invites" from the 'Existing user permissions' drop-down.

I hope this will help.



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