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Is there a dark mode available for Jira on the web?

This is one of the last primary tools we use to not be running in a dark mode, and it's rough on the eyes every time we have to switch to Jira.

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Answer accepted might help if you spend your days in it in chrome. Though it sucks that atlassian is forcing people into hacks

Works as advertised.

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Thank you! This worked out great!  Sadly, since we spend so much time in front a screen, Dark Mode should be a standard option on all applications and all sites.  Optometrists are making millions.

Note, I used the extension in MS Edge as it now allows you to add Chrome extensions.

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Thank you so much for this! This was one of the last tools I use daily that was not in dark mode.

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Works great! Sad we have to use an extension for it, but glad one exists.

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any recommendation for Safari? :(

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@Ade Dyas Yes,, I have been using this instead and it is amazing!  You are able to set which sites need to be dark or not.  JIRA display much better as well.  Make sure to donate as we only get one pair of eyes!

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This extension started requesting access to browsing history suddenly. I would not recommend using it. Seems pretty fishy.

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I noticed this the other day, I tried to reverse engineer it but couldn't get it to work. Ended up uninstalling it.

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I also uninstalled after it started asking for permissions where it did not before.  Shame, too, because it looked nice.

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it worked!! thank you!

So the dark mode exists on mobile / mac os app but not on web , thats a shame!

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I use this extension as well, but I don't understand (or like) the fact that it requires access to browsing history (img below). Perhaps there's a legitimate reason for this that I'm not aware of.

Either way, it's a shame that users need to give a third party extension access to the Jira/Atlassian websites to achieve what should be native functionality.

jira night mode extension details permissions.PNG

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Yeah, I stopped using it and went with the Stylus option and tweaked it. The one from Adan Alvarado listed below was great.

It's funny for me that we all seem to have this privacy concern with this extension, but no one noticed that the Stylus extension (that is a prerequisite to using the solution @Adan Alvarado so kindly offered us) also has the same permission requirements. Am I missing something?

Stylus screenshot.png

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Please implement this into native JIRA, instead of relying on 3rd party tools

I created a style to be used with Stylus web extension. Please take a look here:

This is the exact solution that the OP requested, and what i came here for. @Adan Alvarado  Thank you so much for this! +++

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Thanks @Adan Alvarado for your work on this. As the OP, I just wanted to chime in to say that this is very cool and impressive, but not what we're looking for, as @Jon Bianco suggested (although I hope it works for Jon).

Setting aside the fact that it's incomplete (there are white artifacts scattered about and whole sections of the site that are not dark), what we're looking for is native dark mode support from Atlassian.

Thanks again for putting this together, and for sharing it.

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True, but this is the most up to date version that it is easily distribuitable and anyone who would like to contribute is welcome to do so while we wait for native.

It is often better to release imperfectly than to never do so.

Which white artifacts bother you the most if you don't mind asking? :)

Thank you for your response

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I am not experiencing any artifacts in the UI, although the colors may not be to everyone's liking (I prefer the light blue main copy to be just white), but given the theme created, it is very easily able to be modified. I look forward to seeing forks and revisions of this!

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BTW here's my slight changes to @Adan Alvarado  theme:


Line 79:

.adg3 .ghx-summary,
.adg3 .ghx-summary .ghx-inner {
color: #fff;


Line 112:

[data-testid="ContextualNavigation"] div:first-child {
background-color: #333;
color: #fff;

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I've been looking into specifying css variables so that they can be overridden from the extension. Thank you for that piece of code, I'll see how I can incorporate it!

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I've been sort of defaulting on Dark Reader, I haven't made updates in a while. You're welcome to try create a PR with those changes:

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Oh wow, Dark Reader works so much better!

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Dark Reader is the Bee's Knees

I use Night Eye but it's a little site-agnostic so some color themes that Jira think are important should stick around. This add-on is perfect. Thanks!

Woah Dark Reader! Now there's some slick interface options!

Alongside the other generic answers, the Dark Reader extension makes JIRA look really nice, not to mention every other site.

In my experience recently, Darkreader has been breaking Confluence editor though :(

Ah, that's too bad. I don't use Confluence at my current company, but I remember it struggled with JIRA too, before the somewhat-recent redesign.

thanks for this. i was hoping I wasn't the only Firefox user using jira...

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Big +1 on Dark Reader. I love that extension and have donated to the devs - really nice dark mode for like 98% of the websites.

Brilliant solution. Not just for my jira problems, but also for other tools. 10/10 going to recommend to literally everyone.

This is the answer that wasn't blocked my my company admins, and it's immediately helpful. 

Note, watch your color editing, as it can't display text you set to very dark colors because of the dark background and flips it to lighter colors. But you should be able to either turn it off while you're doing that or remember to account for it.

All these third party solutions can only be considered as temporary solutions. They can stop working partially or completely in any moment because of any future changes in Jira. The proper solution would be a native dark theme from the Jira team which will be synchronized with the current OS theme using the prefers-color-scheme CSS media query

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It's 2022 WTF! Why is this not supported yet? @Support

Hey Garett, many of us are using the 'Dark Reader' app to save our eyesight.  I agree with 100% that the standard is not keeping up with the times.

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Dark mode / dark theme is one of the most popular features currently.
Our app DarkTheme for Jira has been available since the beginning of 2020 and does exactly what you are looking for.

the app provides three additional dark themes (dark modes) that can be switched on/off by every user on its own.

Just give it a try:

Thanks for sharing your product. We're not using Jira server, but rather Jira cloud, so I don't know that it applies. Moreover, the point is that in this day and age, dark mode should be available OOTB, and we shouldn't have to pay for it. 

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No budget for that, require it free :/

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You have to pay for dark mode. Is this a joke!!

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Hello @Darren Stafford , Mine is free and open source. Please take a look here, I also follow up on bugs on it atm. :)

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Pity, I know others that swear by Jira etc, but ease of use and setup, just setup this and Monday, first thing out of the box, turn on Dark mode. Big fail here, I am going to

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Paying for something like dark mode is akin to paying for rear window tinting in an SUV now-days.  Package the dark mode in with the OOTB Jira feature set.  There are already far too many 'features' that have extra cost associated with them.  Charging for dark mode is absurdity at its best.  Listen to your user base on this one Atlassian...

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Wow, paying extra for dark mode? Absolutely not. I would be very curious to hear the justification for that, given that that is wildly non-standard.

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Dark theme is a for pay feature? I assume you lost a bet and had to post this ridiculous drivel?

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OMG.... seriously!!! Paid dark-mode !!!

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Are you kidding me? Why would you charge for a dark mode?


Are you really that strapped for cash?

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Just install this Chrome extension:
This is from a previous thread, there is also a Mozilla extension.

My guess is that there is a significant amount of work to do, that will make the experience well worth it to pay for the dark mode. That is a decent amount of work.

I would not recommend using that Chrome extension as it has started asking for access to your browser history. Check the Q&A of the extension page to see the author denying it and claiming its a standard warning. I had that extension and it isnt a standard warning. 

I ended up using one of the many Stylish themes that you can find for free and inspect the css yourself. Several of them work better than the chrome extension ever did for me.

Just use this, it's free and functional:

Thank me later...

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Native dark mode, please.

You could try  to enable chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark  and see if that helps. But... don't complain. It's a early stage feature which is making its first baby-steps. Hopefully we will see it implemented in one or in the other way. Be aware that it will enable dark mode across all websites.

Native support is what we want. This helps but not everyone.

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Mecaaaa I'm New Here Aug 11, 2022

So many great suggestions, awesome!
I found this link which combined everything about jira dark mode which might help you:



A plugin that turns every website into darkmode.

Just had the same question and ended up here. Because the posts here are from 6 or more months ago, i'll give an updated answer :)


I found some nice ones:


I already had the Global CSS and JS installed so that was an easy choice for me. I can add some custom tweaks myself

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Mirek Community Leader Dec 05, 2019

Hi @Matt Richards ,

Check here

Maybe you can find the one that works :)

Hi Mirek,

Thanks for your response. I've looked at the "Stylish" Chrome browser plugin that you referenced, but my concern there is that they can "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" which seems like a significant privacy concern. 

I'm hoping that there is a function native to Jira. 

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As a follow up, I tried it all the same and it doesn't work. It styled this page, but not our Jira.

Mirek Community Leader Dec 06, 2019

I am not aware of noting that would be official. There are existing suggestion request which I highly recommend you to vote and watch



Making a dark mode is mostly modification of CSS that is loading, so all of those solutions probably are doing that and that is why it need permission to change something on a site. I do not expect that something can be changed on the backed

Anyway as a next step you can check all addons that are related to theme and Jira on the marketplace and maybe you can find something that would allow you to achieve

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