Is it possible to create a custom epic issue type?

PaulaA August 28, 2019

Hi all, 

I have seen this is not possible but all articles related are from a couple of years ago and I'd like to be sure this is still not possible in version 7.13.

Thank you

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Max Foerster - K15t
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August 28, 2019

Hi Paula,

the articles are still correct. Epics are in a way unique but still a standard-issue type introduced and utilized by Jira Software.

You only have two different types of issue types in Jira - standard issue types and sub-task issue types. Creating another entity similar to an Epic is not possible by default.
Does this answer your question?

Best, Max

PaulaA August 28, 2019


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Jeff Pittman October 24, 2022

Custom Epics would be excellent for Business Operations teams beginning to adopt the software as well.


I work a-lot with the music industry and there are many types of mini projects/efforts related to Songwriters, Composers or Catalog Aquisitions at the Epic Level, w/ Standard Issue Types then Subtasks to pull off what's needed for the work to get done in a three tier nested work hierarchy.  Getting the businesses head around the issue type is an "Epic" -when that's the top tier that I can nest Std issues into doesn't make a lot of sense to anyone.

We should as admins be able to create a Custom issue type the BEHAVES like an epic - but isn't an actual "Epic" to keep the Agile swarm at bay.  It's about nesting of work in a hierarchical structure. w/o getting them to understand custom linking, etc...

  1. Jira Project (Operations Business Project)
    1. Custom Epic Issue Type (Major Initiative)
      1. Std Issue Type (Task, 
        1. Subtask Issue type



Alexandre Machado January 12, 2023

This request fits in perfectly with our needs

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Leslie Easter February 28, 2024

Agreed - we could definitely use this


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Rob Horan
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December 22, 2021

If I could put anything on a wish list, it would be to make Epic a level as opposed to a static issue type, and give people the ability to create custom issue types.  We're not all admins on all instances, folks.  We can't just poof an "Epic Type" single select list field into existence like Zeus creating Athena.

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Rafa August 4, 2023

I just found that it is possibe to have multiple epic-level issues (I think, just found it. not sure if you can have more than just "epic" at the epic level... wording is confusing). And Jira PREMIUM has the option to have more than 3 levels of issues (so you can have issues above EPIC):

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Jude Pacis January 19, 2022

Will this be possible in the future? We also need this ability. Thank you.

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Tushar.Kamble August 28, 2019

Hi Paula,

Jira is fully customizable tool as per the customer requirement. Further regarding your question, yes you can create the custom Epic Issue type within your instance. But most of the EPIC issue type needed functions will be limited. You will loose the Epic link, Epic color, Epic status etc functionalities for the custom Epic Issue type, those are by default comes with Jira System EPIC issue type.


Hope this is clear for you.


PaulaA August 28, 2019

Hi @Tushar.Kamble 

How do you do it? 

I have tried and I only see the options that @Max Foerster - K15t  mentioned so I'm not sure how can I add all the epic functions that I need.



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Rob Horan
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Rising Star
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January 19, 2022

@Tushar.Kamble - that's unfortunately just renaming, not creating a new issue type at that level.

No matter what happens, there will only be one issue type at that level in the hierarchy.  Its limiting, and its disappointing.

I know, someone will say something something methodology something something rules etc.

Not everyone drank that Kool Aid :)

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Natalie Longariello March 29, 2023

I would need to disagree with the statement that Jira is a fully customisable tool. As your statement is in fact saying that you actually cannot create a customised Epic. If you lose all the functionality of an epic-type issue - then the issue type is not in itself an epic.  

If a project can have multiple workflows - then multiple epics should be allowed to be created for each workflow, as an issue type cannot be shared between workflows. This is very limiting. 

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Andreas Haaken _APTIS_
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March 29, 2023

Well, Jira is very limited in case of using Issues like Epics.. 
Sol if you need a functionality to be Container of other issues, you could use Epic Sum UP(our App) on DC to add this functionality.

If you are looking for different use cases without changing the issue type, you can do:

- assign different worklfows per project (is somehow confusion)

- add a Custom Select field to add the Context of your Epic, which  can then be reflected in the Name by automatic Summary changes, eg.  Vacation-Epic, Project Epic. 

Thats what we did before we added stacking functionality to our app.

hope that helps. Without addons, Jira is more or less straight forward to the Atlassian viewport of things ;) 

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Patrick Seamars August 8, 2023

Looks like they've updated the feature offerings for Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise accounts to allow for this functionality.

This was a pleasant surprise I found today. 

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