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Immediate execution of automation rules on Jira Cloud


Hi folks! I have noted a very strange behavior on Jira cloud regarding automation: I have 2 Jira cloud instances, one ist free plan with 2 users another one is paid instance with about 100 users.

On both instances, I have exact same automation rules. However on free instance the automation rules get immediately executed, ob paid instance, I have to manually refresh the site, to see the rules execution.

One example: I have a simple rule, where I calculate the "Residual risk level" and "Residual risk score", exact same custom fields on both Jira instances. As you can see on the picture below, I get so maybe after one second the residual risk score calculated and the risk level allocated, on the free instance, so to say on-the-fly. 

residual risk assessment.PNG

But on paid instance, I have to manually refresh the website, and this for each automation rules, which I have created.

So what could be the reason for that behavior?

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Hi @Lukas 

This symptom seems like a coincidence/artifact of different instances.  As others noted, automation rule triggering is event-driven, as is some automatic, issue view updates.  I do not know of any SLAs about the rate of update...and...

You note a free instance and a paid instance.  Have you worked with your site admin to check the global audit log and performance insights to see if any SLA/usage thresholds or rule throttling has occurred?

Kind regards,

@Bill Sheboy As it seems, we don't have any specific SLA or usage throttling rules on our paid instance. Unfortunately, I don't have any other contacts, who can check this behavior on their Jira instances. The question is, is this behavior (rule execution and resulting changes will be visible after page refresh) so constructed from Atlassian? If so, why works it in other, and more convenient way, on my free instance?  

Hi, Lukas.  I cannot answer those questions.  Your inspection of the different sites may provide the most information.  For example, looking at the audit log and site log, what else is happening at the same time as the rule making updates, how many issues are in each instance, how often do issues change, etc.?

In general, I have not seen issue view pages automatically refresh for custom field values in either our paid or free instances.  Instead a page refresh was required.  Some of the built-in fields do appear to refresh automatically. 

There was previously an annoying pop-up message on the issue view that data had changed due to a rule processing, suggesting a page refresh.  That appears to be gone now and it is unclear to me what the expected behavior is.

@Bill SheboyFor free instance, there is no global audit log, but audit log for automation. But this shows nothing extraordinary. Generally speaking, on free instance the rules get executed slighty faster than on paid instance. On paid instance we have more projects, therefore more automation rules. 

Too bad that no one can test my automation rule on their free instance, so that we can find out if this behavior is an individual case or not.


I would say its a miracle that it works immediately in your free instance :) 

Jira is event driven - specially the automation part. So when you do some change, then the event is sent out and your automation rule gets it (thats the trigger). Now typically when you update the field with automation rule, then when you change one field it should not reload the data for other field (unless atlassian has changed some magic). With Atlassians own fields it should not work as you described in your free instance. They have some options to make other custom ui elements to communicate between each other, but not the standard ones afaik.



@Margus Naelyes, that's what I think, somehow it works magically on free instance, as it should and on paid one obviously not. So the question is, when Atlassian didn't want this behavior (immediate execution of automation rules), why work is on free instance still?

Maybe its something that is not officially supported yet and you are just a lucky one with EAP on your instance ?!?! 

That would be very strange, indeed! Anyway, I'm very disappointed, because every time refreshing the page is just a quite big show stopper.

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Hello @Lukas ,

1. Any scheduler is applied on paid ?

2. in free can you please check this automation is running in referencing to any other automation. image.png
Check the above one, sometimes Allow rule triggers also cause this kind.


As I stated, on both instances, exactly same automation rules with same setting. Here white one is paid and black one is free:

rule on paid.PNG

rule on free.PNG

and what do you mean with scheduler? where I can check, if there is any?

@KAGITHALA BABU ANVESHAnd as it seems, all my automation rules are affected from this strange behavior, regardless, if the "Allow rule trigger" is checked or not. That means, all my automation rules can get immediately executed on my free jira instance, but unfortunately on paid instance obviously NOT.

This is very Strange @Lukas , let me check for any references. Actually I used free cloud only. will try

Like Lukas likes this

@KAGITHALA BABU ANVESHHere is the rules steps. I hope, the screenshots are not too small:



here is the Residual score calcualtion form:

{{#=}}{{issue.Residual risk impact.value.right(1)}} * {{issue.Residual risk likelihood.value.right(1)}}{{/}}

and here is the result, residual risk impact and lielihood are custom dropdown fields, where you can choose one value. As soon as, you choose them, thr residual risk score gets immediately calculated. Here for example impact is 2 and likelihood is 3 and the risk score is then 2x3=6



So on my free Jira instance, it gets immediately calculated.


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