How to view a particular release version in big picture ?

Murtaza Nasir July 18, 2022

I have recently started using big picture and it's great for tracking Epic completions. The problem is that each EPIC can have different release versions inside of it which makes it hard to track how are we progressing for our upcoming release. 

For eg. 

We have 15 epics and one of them is EPIC A which will have 5 user stories under them. Of those 5 user stories, 3 are assigned to version 1. The other 2 got assigned to version 2. 

The problem lies is when I complete the 3 tasks related to version 1, it would show me 60% complete because of 2 task items for version2 but from version 1 point of view, that EPIC is complete. 

Is there way/filter where all the EPICS only show completion level for a particular version. 

This way we can easily track the completion level. 

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shirrel assis February 23, 2024

I have the same question

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