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How to send a customer e-mail to a specific group when a custom field is updated

I want to notify a group when a project manager field ( Custom field) is updated with the name of the project manager.

I have Script runner and I tried to create a listener using the Issue Event update. What I think I need to do is to create a condition. Maybe the condition should be if the project manager field is not null.

I am not a developer so I do not know what the script should be

Please let me know


3 answers

1. Create a listener in script runner for updates - which you did

2. Add code to look at the right field to check the values

My example as I had a multi-select but can be modified for a single select

///////This is to get the Product(s) list

    def cField = customFieldManager.getCustomFieldObjectsByName("Product(s)"

    def cFieldValue = issue.getCustomFieldValue(cField[0]) as List


  //Need to loop through the products as based on that information we may need to send to various folks

 cFieldValue.eachWithIndex { it, i ->

    BodyText = BodyText + "<br> &emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;&emsp;" + it.value //creates a running list of values

    projectRole1 = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(ProjectRoleService).getProjectRoleByName(it.value, new SimpleErrorCollection()) //get project roles as that was my grouping

    actors1 = ComponentAccessor.getComponent(ProjectRoleService).getProjectRoleActors(projectRole1, issue.projectObject, new SimpleErrorCollection()) //getting the 


//checking to make sure I have folks in my group and if so I am building an address list

    if (actors1 != null){

        ReceiptiantAddress = ReceiptiantAddress + actors1?.getApplicationUsers()*.emailAddress.join(",")



Solution - For anyone, I managed to do this by creating a post function, so when a ticket  moves to any transition, it will send an e-mail based on the user in the custom field - Project manager. This will only work if the custom field is a single user picker list so please bear that in mind.

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John Funk Community Leader Jan 24, 2021

Hi Rimet - Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

You can easily do that with Automation For Jira which is free in Jira Cloud.

Here's some information to get you started:

There are two types of automation:

  • Global: In the Free version, you get 100 executions per product, per month
  • Project: In all versions, you get unlimited executions per month

Automation Basics:

You can do this via global rules to apply to all projects also. You'll need to be a Jira Admin/Site Admin, go to Jira Settings > System > Automation Rules (left-hand menu).

For more on using Automation For Jira see these help pages.

Jira Automation Template Library to help get you started quickly:

Basically, you want to create a new Rule with a Trigger for Field Value Changed and select the Project Manager field.

Then add a Condition to check if the value = the name of the certain project manager.

And then add a New Action for Send email. In the To: section, put in the group. 

I am using Jira Server and have Sriptrunner installed and created a Listener based on Issue Updated event. 

But I need to make sure that the condition is applied if the customer field ( User Picker list) is not null.

The idea was to send the email when the project manager updated this field

As I do not have the skill to write the code, I am struggling to define the condition and tried this code.

cfValues['customFieldId_35149']?.value but it gives an error

John Funk Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

That's why I use Automation for Jira - I do not have to write code. And it comes Free with Jira Cloud. Sorry, but I don't have experience with ScriptRunner or writing code as such. 

Can you get Automation for JIRA for server version

John Funk Community Leader Jan 27, 2021

Sorry, I see now that you are using Server. There is a Lite version that is free and also a paid version. Here is a link that shows the different capabilities between the two.

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