How to notify me when only epic issues was created?

Hello, friends!

I want to receive some notifications (by email or any others) when anyone creates issue type of epic.
May be there is any extra configuration for this in settings area?

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No, they're issues, like any other, as far as notifications are concerned.

But you can do it. 

  • Copy the workflow you currently have for Epics, so that you have a new one just for Epics. 
  • Associate that workflow with Epics in the workflow scheme. 
  • Go to Admin -> Issues -> Events, and add a custom one called something like "Epic created"
  • Go to the Epic workflow and edit it
  • Look for the "create" transition's post functions
  • Change the "fire event" post-function to fire "Epic Created"
  • Save the edited workflow
  • Go to the project's notification scheme and change who needs to get the "Epic Created" email (you probably want to add in everyone who currently gets "issue created" as well)

There are a lot of ways to receive this information. The one of the simplest solution:

1. Create and save new filter with JQL:

created > -15m AND issuetype = Epic

 2. Create new Filter subscription:

2017-11-01 11_04_30-Filter Subscription.pngMore about Filter Subscription: 

How simple! Great! Thank you! :)

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Gonchik Tsymzhitov Community Champion Nov 01, 2017

Hi Sergey,

I have seen 3 way to solve your request:

1. You can use this plugin for faster customise notification

1.1. You need set jql query like "issuetype=Epic and project=A"

1.2. Then click action notify about this created event.

2. You can set post function in your workflow for Epic, send notification.

I hope this manual will help you

3. If you have scriptrunner you can write own listener or post  function with super cusomisation for crated epic .


Have a nice day! 



Gonchik Tsymzhitov

Awesome plugin! Thank you! I'll try it! 

I've done it! :)

I just create web hook for slack with this configuration. Turned out better than I expected!



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