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How to export JIRA issues to Excel?

I read the manuals (of 6.4 and 7.3) and I'm supposed to find an option to export to Excel format. BUT I can't find it on my JIRA Software server 7.3 instance.
What goes wrong? Where is it? Should I use CSV only?



If it's gone: are there any recommended add-on?



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See here for the official Jira Cloud to Excel export:

I am getting an error... any idea why? 

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Hi @JP De La Rosa - are you getting the error when attempting to install the addon? If so you must have an Office 365 subscription, as well as be on either:

  • version 1904 or later for Windows
  • version 16.24 or later for Mac

Thank you Philipp

One way to avoid compatibility issues both on the Cloud and Server/DC platforms is to use a more reliable alternative to this Excel add-in.

If you use a native Jira Cloud (or Server) app that doesn't rely on Microsoft's infrastructure like Better Excel Exporter for Jira, you avoid this problem from the get-go.

In case you are wondering, review a comparison of the Jira Cloud for Excel Microsoft add-in and the Better Excel Exporter for Jira apps.


(Please note that Better Excel Exporter is a paid and supported app and I'm part of the team developing it.)

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Hi there,

this feature will soon be deprecated, but can still be reenabled by now using the following instructions (found here):

JIRA Server 7.2 instances
We removed the Excel export option in JIRA 7.2, as we've introduced a more robust, flexible exporter in the CSV export. We hope you find this more beneficial. We do plan on removing this functionality entirely, however in the meantime it can be unlocked with the following steps:

  1. Stop JIRA.
  2. Locate the file in the $JIRA_HOME directory. If the file does not exist, please proceed to create it.
  3. Open the file and add the below on a separate line:
  4. Save this file.
  5. Restart JIRA.


Thorsten, you should be aware that "we've introduced a more robust, flexible exporter in the CSV export" is incorrect.

The CSV exporter is not robust or flexible, and the clear consensus from users is that it is not a viable replacement for the Excel export yet.   Until it meets the minimal functions that the Excel export does, I'd expect Atlassian to keep getting support calls to re-enable the working export.

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Hey Nic, just to make this clear: I've only quoted and I'm completely on your side regarding my own personal opinion regarding this issue.


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And the CSV export does not include the URL for quick linking back to the issue

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Hi - I am having the same issue but am using Jira online, is there a way to enable the export function in this format?


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If by "online" (as all Jira systems are "online" or not running at all), you mean "Cloud", no.  You can only export to CSV, which spreadsheets can all read.


I need please someone to guide me how to convert Jira issues or selected issue fields to CSV. 


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Search for the issues you wish to export from the search option, then use the "export to CSV" option on the tools menu.

Thanks Nic.

I am trying to test the abilities of Jira and check if it can meet our needs. I am a part of a volunteer org that assist people in need on the net. we need to export to excel, specially for configured fields for statistics and reports  editing. 

maybe I don't have the full Jira version.... but i don't have tools menu and I deeply searched trying to find any clue about export to CSV, with no success.

please try to guide me more detailed with specific parameters.

thanks a lot,


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After I edit the properties file, still doesn't work.

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Hi Thorsten Letschert _Decadis AG_,

Is there any way to configure them in jira cloud to export as they are made server or it is required to buy a mandatory license.

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As for add-on recommendations, the Better Excel Plugin is not simply a replacement for the built-in and deprecated Excel export feature, but it comes with a ton of improvements!

Yes, and you have to spend a lot for it.

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And it causes cluster outages because it chews up 50% heap.

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There should not be a need to purchase any addons for functionality that came, and should come, with the product. Is this Atlassian's way of milking customers for more money? I'm sure they get a cut of every addon that's sold...

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Deleted user Mar 20, 2019

I agree with the people above.

I am pretty new to Jira, have only been using it for about 5 months as a product owner. I already have the feeling that a lot of you think it should be part of the core functionalities have to be purchased separately as an add-on. It is very frustrating to not even being able to export to excel directly. And I have not seen anybody from Atlassian to reply on this thread.

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An export to Excel (well, XML that says "Hi, I'm a spreadsheet" anyway) used to be part of the core - it was removed in favour of the CSV export! 

A bad decision in my opinion, the CSV is (still) not ready to replace it. 

The Atlassian line seems to be that the CSV is good enough, and that you shouldn't really be exporting anyway, as your data is obsolete and dead as soon as you do (I do have more sympathy for that - most spreadsheets I run into are simply wrong)

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Why can't I connect my export back to JIRA via SQL connection so all I have to do is refresh the spreadsheet, rather than have to continually do exports.  All my pivots and charts then have to be recreated every time.

Hi - newish to Jira here - did you find a work path to solve this problem? I'm in that same boat.

Till which Jira Version Excel Export can be re-enabled? We are currently using 7.5. Is it still possible there?

We have Jira version 7.6.1 - still are able to use the excel export function.

Yes, even 7.10-EAP has it.

Hello Team,

We have plan to upgrade JIRA with a latest version doing upgrade analysis for JIRA upgrade.

Now, we are using above workaround for JIRA v7.3.6 Export JIRA issues to Excel as mentioned by Thorsten Letschert.

But, if we are upgrading JIRA from v7.3.6 to v7.9.2 then please let us know still excel export functionality are working perfectly?

If not, please let us know the workaround for this export functionality for the latest JIRA version.



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Rina Nir Community Leader Aug 10, 2021

Hi Excel exporters,

Sometimes, the main reason to export to excel is that you will have a static copy of how Jira is today.

If this is what you need, you may check out this new App Jira Snapshots for Confluence (Cloud and DC)

Things this App does better then an excel export:

  1. If you regularly export the same filter, then Jira Snapshots allows you to take a new Snapshot with one click, and compare to your previous Snapshot. So you see how Jira changed over time. Its the only way to easily compare Jira data in two points in time.
  2. You can export multi-level data: like epics, Their stories; and their subtasks
  3. Formatting of fields closer to how they are presented originally in Jira (this is a particular issue in Cloud)

Disclosure: I am the CEO of RadBee, the makers of this App

Hi there,

I couldn't see any functions on exporting filtered result into excel:


Hi @Quastan

Thanks for providing that screenshot. It shows that you are on the Jira Service Management Customer Portal of your Jira Cloud site. From there, no export options are currently available.

Please go to your Jira's 'backend' on, perform a search operation and look for the export options there.



Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply. I am afraid I didn't know how I am going to go to 'backend' on Could you assist me on this.

Thank you

@Quastan Just click on the link. If you land on the portal again, it means you are only a customer with no Jira license and that means you can't do any exports.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply. In regards to your respond, I am indeed still landed on the following page after click on the link:



Could we at least extract all of the information for all of the ticket that we has created. It involved thousands of ticket that we has created to be check on daily basis which I find we could do it better if we can extract our filtered data into excel.

Your understanding is highly appreciated.

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Jira Cloud has now an Excel Export Button (Excel Online or Download) by default


I used the Excel Export Button.  However, the "Reporter" field and the "Creator" field is a long unrecognizable text string.  I would like it to show the Name or email of the person who sent the ticket.

Hi Dalan,

That's probably because Atlassian Cloud recently changed from usernames to user IDs.

But nevertheless, when I download the XLSX file, Excel asks me to enable "Jira Cloud" Plugin with receives the data live from Jira and inserts it in Excel. This way, the full names are shown correctly:

2020-04-27 10_57_58.png

Hi guys, 


Excel Export Button (Excel Online or Download) by default => but where to find it ? checked for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk projects :/

or do I need to install an app ? 

found the explanation in another post: when running search or filter them I found the option to export

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When I export the issues to excel, the epic name field is empty in excel. However, I have given the epic name in JIRA.

Is there a limit to the number of items that are exported? Seems like it might be limited to 1000. 

Jack Brickey Community Leader Sep 27, 2019

correct. there are a lot of posts on this and here is an article that might be useful - export-over-1000-results-to-excel-from-jira-cloud

Yes, It is possible till 7.10.2 & working fine with the following steps:

  1. Stop JIRA.
  2. Locate the file in the $JIRA_HOME directory. If the file does not exist, please proceed to create it.
  3. Open the file and add the below on a separate line:
  4. Save this file.
  5. Restart JIRA.

This workaround works with Jira core V8.1.0 but not with Jira core v8.2.2. 

Hi Guys.. My apologies for instead of answering the question I am making a new ask : export to CSV is not reliable.

I am facing 2 issues :

1. When I click on export to CSV ( Current Columns)  it is not exporting all the columns selected and visible in filter tab.

2. When I click on export to HTML (Current Columns) it is not exporting all the columns selected and visible in filter tab and less columns which got exported via CSV..


Any Ideas?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Jun 20, 2018

What fields specifically are not exported? Some fields that show in the results are calculated and won’t export. 

How can we include calculated field values in the export?

Jack Brickey Community Leader Aug 30, 2018

You cannot export but you could recalculate within excel from the values that are exported.

I found that you could get those fields value by exporting using Better Excel (All Fields), but it's a pain to remove all the unnecessary fields to keep just the few you need. Hoping for a better solution available..

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